6 Tips to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home

When it comes to your home and its appearance, the first impression really does matter. This is especially important if you want the value of your home to go up and to appeal in the world of real estate.

In real estate lingo, this is called curb appeal. Potential buyers really do judge the home and decide their interest in it based on how nice the exterior is—from the porch décor to the type of doors you have.

So while many people spend all their time and energy sprucing up the interior of their home, the exterior investment is just as important. No one wants to buy an unwelcoming home. Even if you aren’t planning on selling just yet, you want to have a good reputation in your neighborhood and have a house that others long to have.

The best part about sprucing up your home is that you do not have to spend a fortune on it to do so. Instead, you can do a few simple DIY tricks to create the ultimate home improvement. From the plants to grow to the colors to play off of, we have rounded up the best ways to spruce up your home outside so that it can be as welcoming and comforting of a place as possible.

1. Invest in Your Front Door

One of the most iconic parts of your home is your front door. It is the portal inside your sanctuary and should instantly make people feel welcome and at ease. A simple way to upgrade your front door is to paint it over in a new and bright color. You will be shocked at how quickly this transforms the whole space. We’d recommend going with a color that really pops—whether that be black or even yellow.

Another way to invest in your front door is to install magnetic screens. Not only will this let all the outdoor light in, but equally prevent all the bugs and dirt from getting flown in. If you have a front yard space that you want to utilize, a magnetic screen can be a really handy way to make this happen.

2. Get a New Mailbox

The details matter and your mailbox can be a real character piece of your home. There are so many ways to get creative with your mailbox too. You can find a cute and classic style mailbox or you can get one that really celebrates your family’s personality.

3. Replace Your Windows

The windows are essentially the eyes of your home. This means that they are a key factor in your home’s exterior identity. New windows mean that your entire exterior can be transformed. There are numerous ways that you can get new windows fitted in without even having to get planning permission to do so. If you are looking at window replacements, you should consider talking to an architect as they would be able to give you some great ideas on what style of window would work best.

4. Update Your House Number

Every house has a street number designated to it—and most often these are displayed near the front door. Often these house numbers can go untouched for years. So a great way to transform the appearance of your exterior is to get some new street numbers. This is extremely cost-effective and the little detail can make a whole home look brand new.

5. Paint Your Garage Door

Most homes have garage doors, but often these are bland and neglected. Give your garage an easy upgrade by putting on some temporary hardware like window panels or handles. You can easily source these for a budget price too.

Or, you can paint your garage door, which can really transform the whole exterior. If you pick a color, stay clear of painting it white and pick a shade that supports the siding of the garage. You could easily paint your garage door over the weekend, just make sure to do it during a time that is not humid or rainy.

6. Enhance Your Garden Space

Plants are one of the top ideas to quickly transform the exterior of your home. You can do so much with plants and they do all the hard work of literally breathing in new life for the area. A great trick for designing your garden space is to pick plants that have various heights and give your home a bunch of layers. You could also plant a herb garden so that you can literally eat what you grow.


When it comes to enhancing the exterior of your home, these six tips are an affordable and easy way to truly transform the space. Best of all, they are all ideas that you can do yourself—no outside labor is required. What will you decide to do with your home?

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