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All teachers want to help their pupils, but where should they start?

Teachers want to equip our young people with study skills they can use for life, not just a ticket to successful qualifications …

Post-pandemic concerns …

We know the pandemic has set teachers’ work back by years, with the most disadvantaged pupils missing out the most. With the exam season approaching, all teachers have the perfect opportunity to begin to re-address the balance. I recently teamed up with CENTURY and created a webinar to explore study skills further.


I have been working with CENTURY since 2015. I’ve seen how they have developed, supporting teachers with:

  1. Making independent revision more effective
  2. Supporting your pupils effectively
  3. The updated GCSE 2022 exam changes
  4. Tailored learning resources, and
  5. Instant data insights.

How to teach study skills?

  1. The dialogue around revision is changing. In previous years, pupils have not been taught to revise effectively. Now, schools are looking to reduce the pressure of revision by providing our pupils with more effective techniques.
  2. Teachers need to ensure that we have pupils’ attention before we ask them to remember curriculum content – they must be engaged.
  3. Direct instruction, redundancy effect, chunking and modelling are key techniques.
  4. To help pupils to answer questions, CENTURY provides slides for each lesson. Pupils receive instant feedback, updating each pupil’s personal pathway so that they can be supported in the areas that they find challenging. Teachers can see this data and can easily track each pupil’s performance.
  5. The platform is also fully equipped with the ability for teachers to see if there are particular areas that pupils are struggling with, enabling a teacher to address the key problems in class.

Make independent revision more effective

In this session, I share 9 strategies and techniques all pupils need to succeed. These techniques are taken from a new book I’ve written with Helen Howell, The Revision Revolution.

CENTURY’s adaptive pathway acts as a personalised revision plan for every pupil. As pupils complete work, they receive question and micro-lesson feedback on where they went wrong and how to improve!

Take a look at CENTURY to see for yourself!

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