As artists, we encounter a vast amount of terminology while researching, reading and talking about our materials. In this installment of the ‘Art Terms Explained’ series, we explain the meaning of certain commonly-used words, phrases and terms in the context of watercolour painting.


Bead / Beading Up

Watercolours have a tendency to gather in pools and possess a resistance to the surface on metal or plastic surfaces. This can prove frustrating when trying to mix with them on a palette. The watercolour beads less and less the more you use a palette. Many watercolourists make it a habit to treat

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The Dallas Cowboys fanbase is generally considered one of the more… difficult fanbases the NFL has to offer — at least according to USA Today.

In recent article, USA Today ranked the Cowboys fanbase as the second-worst fanbase in all of sports, just behind the Miami Heat and just ahead of the New England Patriots.

Cowboys - Dak Eagles

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys - James Bradberry

Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb vs. Patriots

New England Patriots

Cowboys fans in August: (Saying while in your face) “This is our year! Back in the Super Bowl!”

Cowboys fans in December after being eliminated from the playoffs: (Saying from across the room) “I’m gonna

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I’m so excited to be able to share some new materials with you, which go in the shop this week for PRESALE. They will be shipped the first week in June.

The first is a reproduction of one of my most frequently inquired about gluebooks – my index card collage art collection.

Over the years you may have seen me working in it. Here’s one of my standing desk with my cards. I keep them bound with a metal ring.

A close-up of some of the pages.

a vintage photo of a house, collaged with pattern paper and other vintage papers
Often it’s not possible to put into words why one paper works better
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Republican-dominated Indiana Legislature is poised on Tuesday to override the GOP governor’s veto of a bill banning transgender students from competing in girls sports, which would mean Indiana would join more than a dozen states that have adopted similar laws in the past two years.

The Indiana proposal won approval by wide margins in both the House and Senate before Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb in March unexpectedly vetoed the measure, saying it did not provide a consistent policy for what he called “fairness in K-12 sports.”

Opponents of Indiana’s ban have said argued the bill is

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Fast forward several decades and I have encountered John Phillips yet again, and again have benefited from his writing, which this time has very little to do with vehicles — and when it does, those vehicles tend to be 4-wheel-drive trucks.

You see, Phillips and his wife, Julie, decided to retire from a life orbiting largely within the Detroit automotive corridor to retire to a barely reachable residence clinging to a mountainside in the remote Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, or as Phillips puts in the title of his book about the move, Four Miles West of Nowhere: A City

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                     by Dr Greg Chapman

Over 18 years I have helped thousands of small business owners, showing them how they can get the results they deserve from all their hard work, through conferences, books, seminars, lectures, webinars, programs and of course with private coaching, but now I have decided to move on to other things in my life.

Shortly the Australian Small Business Blog will soon be going quiet. But, before that I provide one last offer for a limited time:

A 60% discount on all my products, books and programs with the coupon code: EOB

In addition, those who give

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