10 American cake flavours to try in India

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The metropolitan cities Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, West Bengal, and Bangalore, Chennai, Karnataka, Telangana and some others are ahead of the developing states within India. In terms of infrastructure, occupation, education, business, and overall quality of life, these cities are doing good and also paving the way for the followers. Stepping into a taste of the western countries, acknowledging their culture, work habits to catching on to the essence of their personal lifestyles too we are on the way to be face to face with them, in not much time. While we match shoulders with them in almost everything, why do we avoid pursuing their food culture? One reason behind it may be the secluded or differentiated Indian culture in terms of use and availability of ingredients. But the reason may be the lack of awareness or want to walk down the path of experimentation with food. 

Well, today we have come to burst all these myths that persist in your mind and acquaint you with the kinds of foreign cake flavours that rock the world that you can cook at home or order online. Yes, you may need to choose reputed bakeries that stand out of the way to get the best cakes in Bangalore or other mentioned cuties. But hey we have those in our country just waiting for us to place the order. So let’s get started. 

  • Peach ice cream cake

The cake appears pink and white; it uses flavours and fruits to get the appearance. The cake appears less creamy and more crumbly due to its full or bread-like ingredients. Delicious and tangy, but perfect for savouring your mouth with something spectacular. 

  • Lemon cake

The lemon cake is mostly a tangy flavour more like lemonade with mostly a tint of strawberry or chocolate or sometimes vanilla to give it the defining taste. It’s given a green colour to make relevant with the lemon but mostly has other hidden tastes. 

  • Banana cake

A banana cake is never just a banana it has additional chocolate and vanilla flavours to grind in better flavours. To give it the cake-like taste, the addition of such flavours is complementing. And this cake is very nutritious too. 

  • Orange cake

A combination of chocolate and orange or vanilla and orange is often what goes in the making of this cake. It appears orange in colour with an added colour in cream and bread but mostly has a taste or pulp and addition of real fruits as well. 

  • Apricot Almond cake

Welcome the most nutritious cake onboard one with an extravagant quantity of flooding nuts that too apricot and almond. They are based on a chocolate or vanilla flavour most of the time but complement flavour with the crunch and warmth. 

  • Mint cake

The mint cake is always made to look in green colour. It is often complemented with chocolate flavours to tone down the effect of the mint. You can find it in ice cream cake style as well as the usual cake. A layer of dropping chocolate is added to it too to give it the essence of something exotic and bringing notice to the mint part of it. 

  • Cream pie

Cream pie is nice to it, very foreign in culture and taste but complement the morning and evening black tea. It is a creamy dish but not very sweet to keep in control of your health and diet. The cream can be any flavour hence giving the actual taste to the pie. 

  • Candy cake

Candy loves here’s your perfect cake. A candy cake is one with basic vanilla or strawberry flavours but sprinkled candies from all around the globe. From gummy bears to crunchy one, from marshmallows to sour ones. You can find it all on this cake, taking care of the fact that it does not spoil the cream and keep the flavour dominant. 

  • Hazelnut cake

A hazelnut flavoured cake complements well when based on coffee or dark chocolate. The cake is for those who like that edgy taste less sweet and richer. You can find the nuts spread on top and merged inside, making it a filling delight. 

  • Blueberry Jam cake

The blueberry jam cake is again very fulfilling in quantity and quality. The ingredients are such that it takes the room in the stomach and the sour and sweet taste is to die for. Moreover, its blue isn’t that exciting.