10 Fun Things for Your Child this School Holidays


School’s out! Congratulations, parents! As much as you can get a rest from taking your kids to and fro school, you will now need to set them a new routine for the holidays.

Learner Net has some fun ideas on how to occupy and engage your children during the school holidays.

1. Get their hands dirty with indoor gardening

Indoor Gardening

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Let your kids experience getting their hands dirty by teaching them simple gardening skills. It can be as simple as transferring some of your plants between pots.

You and your kid can bond as you do minor landscaping at home. Your kid may even discover that he or she has a green thumb.

2. Get them involved with your hobby

With more time to hang out with your kids during the holidays,  why not introduce them to your own hobby?

For example, if you already play a certain sport or have a toy collection, you can involve your children in these hobbies. Or if you have put aside a previous hobby while busy with work and parenthood, this can be a time to bring your hobby back and get your children on board. It can turn out to be a lifelong passion for you and your children!

3. Re-design their room for a slumber party

Is your kid a fan of a certain cartoon character or has he or she been missing a country that your family visited before? Try to convert their room and give it a different theme. Change the lights and keep it a mystery as they step into a ‘new’ room.

If the theme of the room is another country that you visited before, partner the unveiling of the ‘new’ room with food that the country is famous for.

4. Experience nature up close

Nature Hunting

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While kids these days can learn a lot from TV and online videos, give them the experience to see and feel nature up close. Bring them to a nearby park in your neighbourhood to see the different species of insects, small animals and plants in the majesty of nature.

5. Make some yummy food by cooking or baking

Teach your kids to cook or bake their favourite food. They will get to learn an important life skill, and hopefully start to appreciate your efforts in preparing family meals.

Through whipping up a meal or baking cookies for a treat, kids will also realise the importance of patience in getting a good result for something they want to achieve.

6. Go camping in your balcony, backyard or even bedroom

Go camping

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If you have enough space in the balcony or backyard, prepare a tent and match it with a picnic set-up. Have your kid enjoy the sounds of the crickets at night and watch the stars together. Complete the experience by waking up before sunrise. Do a morning stretch together and enjoy breakfast.

You can also get them to build their own blanket fort and sleep in there at night.

7. Go treasure hunting

Hide objects at different parts of the house and give your kids clues on where to find the objects. Every successful find comes with a prize and completing a series of finds leads to a big bonus prize. This can be an exciting way to sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills.

8. Get creative with art and craft

Learn Arts & Crafts

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Instead of occupying your child with electronic gadgets to tap or swipe at, teach them to create through painting, drawing, or making little crafts with their hands.

From making your own bath bombs to clay magnets and Christmas cards, Learner Net has a few art and craft workshops to inspire your child’s creativity, and also yours! Check out the full list of the workshops here.

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9. Entice their curiosity with experiments

If you notice that your child likes to understand how toys and other small appliances work, this is the best time to encourage them to discover how things are made and how they work. Are there old toys that have been kept away? Take them out and let your child open them up. Unscrew the small objects and show your kid what powers the toys, for example.

Encourage your child to ask questions so that they can discover and learn new things!

10. Get your kids to dress up your furkids

Pet dress up

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

If you have pets at home, especially dogs,  you can dress them with your children’s inputs. Let your kid think of the design and walk your pet after that to show off the new costume.

Keep your kids learning with Learner Net

While these fun activities will keep your kids preoccupied, you may still want them to learn new skills from great educators from different parts of the world.

Learner Net has various workshops that include art and craft, programming, music, and esports coaching. More exciting classes will be available soon so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Do you have other fun ideas for the kids these holidays? Let us know through the comments!

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