4 highly effective strategies for advertising your Smash Ultimate Tournament online


Esports has become a sensation worldwide with gamers and spectators around the world taking part and watching the competitions. This is particularly popular with the younger crowd. Gamers love to compete, whether in their video games or against each other. One of the more popular esports options is Smash Ultimate where players fight each other as characters from various video game franchises.

The success of such a tournament depends on effective promotion and the best place to do that is online. Gamers spend a lot of time online which makes this an effective medium to promote your Smash Ultimate tournament. Here are some of the strategies you can implement.

Social Media Marketing

Social media promotion has dominated the online marketing scene recently and for good reason. It requires very little to promote something on social media and it has the potential to reach a large audience. Gamers spend a lot of time online and check social media often for updates and news regarding their hobbies. So, it becomes an excellent medium to reach out to them to advertise your smash ultimate tournament. 

To do so, you will need to create posts which you can do so easily with PosterMyWall’s gaming poster templates. These are professionally designed templates that will allow you to create social media gaming posters in a matter of minutes. You can also create several posts in advance and then publish them periodically. 

A tournament organizer in India created such a poster offering up the necessary details. In doing so, the potential audience and participants would get all they need without any unnecessary fluff. Although the subject game here is Counter Strike, you can take a similar approach to Smash Ultimate easily. 

Event Listings

Google and some social media sites like Facebook allow organizers to set up event listings and invite people to them. This also makes your event legitimate and people can invite their friends to it. It also creates a buzz online and allows people who google your Smash Ultimate tournament to find it directly rather than something only being discussed on social media. 

You can also create special pages for the tournament as well which can become a one-stop area for all communication and information. Add things such as venue, timing, signing fees, team sizes, other registration information, and prizes if any. Deliver all the information a prospective competitor may need to participate in your event. 

Use Influencers

Influencers can take your marketing game above and beyond and give your message a kind of a seal of approval. These are individuals with clout and reach and can convert their followers to your cause. They can also expose your event to their audience and allow you to hit people which you otherwise would not be able to. 

As such, you should contact someone well-known in the gaming industry such as a famous gamer or streamer. Ask them to talk about your tournament and they can help bring their followers over to your event. You can also ask them to attend the tournament if not participate. Not everyone you reach out to may respond so you might have to contact several influencers before you get a response.

Mountain Dew reached out to a well-known Indian actor Hritik Roshan and had him feature in one of their ads for their gaming tournament. The actor poses as a gamer and provides a voice-over offering all the necessary details for the event. The endorsement allowed the brand to reach out to nearly 2.4 million people on YouTube alone. Although this is a big brand and a big event, the concept is the same.

Livestream Leading Up To The Event

YouTube and Twitch are the two best platforms for anything related to video games. Many gamers record or stream themselves playing games and cultivate an active following that like watching them play. This makes these platforms an excellent place to promote your tournament. 

Hold some practice matches leading up to the tournament and livestream them on these platforms. This will be something extra not directly tied to the tournament but can be fun to watch nonetheless. You can build hype, anticipation, and some friendly drama between competitors which will generate buzz for your event.

In Conclusion

Gamers love a good competition where they can take part and win some prizes. They also like to have bragging rights and prove their skill. A tournament provides both opportunities which means that if you properly promote your Smash Ultimate tournament, you can get a good number of attendees and participants. 

The strategies discussed above will allow you to do that so you must implement them consistently to get a good result. As long as you do that, your event will be a success.

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