5 Best Food Storage Containers for 2022


Food storage isn’t exactly known for their looks, but Caraway’s Food Storage set is changing that notion with containers in six aesthically pleasing colors ranging from deep sage green to creamy eggshell. From the side, they resemble bowls more than storage containers, so eating leftovers at your desk won’t sound — or look — quite as sad. The 14-piece set includes five ceramic-coated glass containers with matching lids, four (much) smaller inserts for snacks or salad dressing, straps for security during transit, and a storage organizer, which helped keep senior commerce editor Ian Burke‘s cabinets, well, organized. The containers are safe for the dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and freezer, and are free of harmful chemicals like PFAs. The lids (which have a glass top so you can see what’s inside) and inserts, however, are not rated for the microwave or oven.

Second opinion: “I’ve dropped one (full of soup!) without any messy consequences, not even a crack in the container,” says Best list writer Kendall Cornish. While an investment, the pretty colors mean you’ll also find plenty of ways to bring them to work or picnics just to show them off. Cornish says, “Leftovers tend to look unappealing to me when they’re in plastic storage containers, so I love that only the lids have glass in the center so you can see what’s inside while the ceramic bodies of the containers are a minimalist opaque matte finish. They’re sleek enough to keep out as display, especially when sorted vertically. The best part for me, though, is that they’re still function-first without looking like it.”

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