5 of the Best Stores to Buy Wine Online in the UK

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What are your plans for Halloween? If you are hoping to have guests over, you should check if your wine cellar is stocked. You may want to add some exotic wines to the collections ahead of Christmas, even if it is. 

With the evolution in the UK e-commerce industry, you can stock up your wine collection without leaving your home. As a luxury product, there are a lot of wine brands available in online stores. Apart from saving you the stress of driving out, shopping for wine online allows you to sort the available options by category or price. 

You can also study customer experiences and reviews before you get into ordering wine from any online store. We have curated five of the best stores from which you can buy wine online from the UK. 

  1. Laithwaites 

This wine store was established in 1969 and has about 1200 wines decorating its shelves. With Christmas around the corner, the store is offering amazing deals in the hopes of clearing out its stock. Isn’t it the perfect time to surf through and pick your favourite bottles? If Black Stump is one of your favourites, Laithwaites is the store to get it from. 

  1. Yapp Brothers 

This is one of the top wine merchants in the UK. It is easy to navigate the store and add choice wines to your “basket” or wishlist. They suggest wines for each month; you don’t have a problem deciding what to pick. There is a money-back guarantee and free delivery 24 hours from purchase if you spend up to £125. 

  1. The Wine Society 

When you visit this site, the first thing you’ll notice is how their wines are organized: price reductions, new wines, exhibition whites, and exhibition reds. This makes it easier for you to find what you’ve decided to buy. Their warehouse saving offer gives you at least 10% off from about 60 wines to enable them to prepare for Christmas sales.  

  1. Berry Bros. & Rudd 

Apart from offering you a wide variety of wines categorized by colour, price, region, and country, this wine store allows you to view buyers’ highlights. There’s a selection to help you spice up your dinner party and releases from the Old World and New World. The site also offers you tips on building your cellar, alright you to use their wine exchange to buy, bid, and sell wine.  

  1. Tanners Wines 

This company specializes in French wine from regions of Europe and the New World. They offer wine tastings and cellar plans, and you get your wine delivered directly to your doorstep. You can find Tanners Wines on Twitter and LinkedIn. 


Autumn, or Halloween or Christmas, the season matters less when stocking your cellar has been made so much easier with these online stores. And if you’re a lover of beer, there are options for you as well. Read up on customer reviews and take your time to browse through the wine collections. And grab as many of the Halloween offers as you can!