9 Dated Summer Trends (and 9 That Feel Extremely Fresh)


To the dismay of my very tiny New York City apartment, I’m a bit of a hoarder. In some ways, it comes with the job given how many things editors receive on a weekly basis. In others, it’s of my own doing since I have a very difficult time saying goodbye to, well, anything, especially when it relates to fashion. (Yes, I still own my prom dress, my high school cheerleading uniform, and the vintage Levi’s I bought my freshman year of college and have since ripped and restitched at least a dozen times.) But with a new season in our midst and my studio looking more cramped than ever, I’m finally taking the time to ditch all the trends that feel dated in my wardrobe and only keep the ~fresh~ ones. And you’re coming along with me. 

Fashion went through a fairly radical shift in the last few seasons in terms of aesthetics, which means that a lot of the summer trends we used to think were the epitome of style have fallen off a bit. Maybe they became too big and therefore lost their cool factor, or perhaps a more elevated style simply overtook them. Whatever the reason the 13 dated summer trends ahead have fallen from grace, it doesn’t much matter. All there is to care about now is hitting the refresh button.

For a collector of clothes like me, it stings a bit to say goodbye to things, even if they aren’t the freshest pieces in my wardrobe. Alas, it must be done. Keep scrolling for 13 summer trends that didn’t make it past my clean-out and the 13 that absolutely did.


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