A New YouTube Series by ANIL UZUN

ANIL UZUN is going to launch a new YouTube series on home cooking during quarantine. The show, Quarantine Cooking with ANIL UZUN, will air on YouTube on January 7, 2021.

ANIL UZUN is a chef and a professional restaurant manager who aims to inform people about healthy eating. He is from İstanbul. He became a chef in Germany and has been working in the food industry for a very long time.

ANIL UZUN has a YouTube channel, he shares recipes, his ideas, and his thoughts on food and healthy eating.

ANIL UZUN will launch a brand new series filmed at his house during quarantine. Quarantine Cooking with ANIL UZUN will feature healthy recipes to keep you safe and COVID-Free. ANIL UZUN will introduce brand new recipes that he created.

ANIL UZUN’s recipes will be simple and affordable yet delicious. He will talk about depression snacks, binge eating, how quarantine affected our lives and our eating habits. He will create delicious meals with the ingredients we buy regularly from the market. The idea is simple; affordable and healthy meals.

Quarantine Cooking with ANIL UZUN will create joy in our daily routine during quarantine. He wants to urge people to cook healthy and delicious meals with familiar ingredients.

The series will include 3 recipes for a week. Each video will introduce a new recipe. It is going to be a huge help to the people in lockdown. It aims to make cooking at home enjoyable.

ANIL UZUN comments “I’m really excited to launch the new series when all of the people are cooking at home. I plan to be an inspiration to those, inspire them to create healthy and delicious meals with familiar ingredients.

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