A Tour of Germany in 16 Delicious Dishes

Food is a necessity for every individual, food energizes us for our daily activities. Eating a healthy diet is essential as it protects one from chronic diseases, knowing the right kind of food to eat cannot be overemphasized because everyone has a different body type hence the need to eat right. Eating healthy gives one healthy weight, strong bones and teeth, better mood and improves memory and the health of the brain

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Germany as a country has different enticing delicacies from a different region of the country. We are going to look at the different tasty foods which the country has to offer.

  • Königsberger Klopse

This is a popular dish in Germany named after the former German city Königsberger now known as Kaliningrad. The dish is made up of meatball and creamy white sauce, the meatballs are made from minced Veal which can also be substituted with pork or beef.

  • Maultaschen

This is a dish that is cooked in broth or boiling water, it is made of noodles or pasta dough filled with minced meat which has been flavoured with nutmeg pepper and parsley. It is a delicious dish that gets its origin in Swabia in Germany.

  • Labskaus

This is comfort food that is made from mashed potatoes, corn beef and beets. The colour is rare and inviting as it is bright red from the colour of the beet juice. Labskaus is eaten with fried egg and beef. This is a healthy food as its main ingredient is potatoes, potatoes have great health benefits as it is packed with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, it contains antioxidants which neutralizes potential harmful free radicals in the body, and it also helps in the blood sugar control because it contains a special kind of starch known as resistant starch.

  • Currywurst

This is a sauce that is made from a mixture of tomato puree or ketchup with yellow curry and other spices, the spice is then eaten with deep-fried sausage. This invented dish has its root from Berlin, it is a popular food in Germany and it is simple and easy to prepare. Currywurst has great health benefits, it is made from curry powder which is beneficial to human health. It reduces inflammation, fights cancer, aids digestion, battle bacteria boost heart health and improve blood sugar level.

  • Döner kebab

Döner kebab is a delicious dish that is made from different meat such as veal. Turkey, halal chicken, lamb or beef. The beef is hand-sliced and slowly cooked while rotating on a heat lamp. This a healthy dish because they are not deep-fried and its meat contains little or no fat.

  • Käsespätzle

A traditional German dish from Swabia and Allgau region is a dish made from Spaetzle and grated cheese. Spaetzle is a dough made with flour, egg, and salt. Cheese being one of the main ingredients is very beneficial to human health, it prevents Osteoporosis, improves dental health, is a great source of calcium it is high in vitamin B12 and so much more.