Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server For Your Business Blog


On average, 71% of B2B buyers choose to read blogs during their purchase journey. This shows the significant role of blogs in creating a user experience for your customers.

A dedicated hosting server helps to build that user experience for your customers. The web hosting company shall ensure your blog enjoys uninterrupted performance, high-speed loading times, robust security measures, and so much more.

It is a one-stop for the best blogging experience, but before you purchase, let us understand its benefits.

Why Not Use Free Hosting for Blogging?

Anything free is very expensive in the real world. It may have crossed your mind that instead of buying a dedicated server, why not blog through free hosting? 

Though blogging through free hosting is tempting, it comes with a hidden cost that you may realise later. Although it may seem like a pocket-friendly option now, it has its limitations. For instance, storage limitation, bandwidth, limited customisation, compromised speed, customer support, etc.

Online blogging is done to give your business an online boost and improve its SEO ranking. However, with free hosting, you significantly hinder these goals.

When you use free hosting services, you sacrifice your blog page performance, speed, and uptime. That further negatively impacts your reader’s user experience, which can lead to an increase in bounce rate and lower ranking on Google search engines.

It also limits your page scalability for adjusting to theincreased traffic and content demands. There are several other limitations, limited features and tools, access to essential server logs, customisable configurations, and advanced security. 

Making you struggle to optimise your blog page effectively according to your niche. On the other hand, a reliable hosting service offers robust features and scalability, maximising your blog’s true potential.

Let us understand a few benefits of a dedicated hosting Server for your business blog through the points provided below- 

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. Security Benefits

Though it might sound shocking even blogs are susceptible to cyber attacks. A DDoS attack can get your server down within minutes, destroying all your SEO efforts.

But with dedicated server hosting, you can customise and increase your security, running your server stress-free. It significantly helps against phishing, DDoS attacks, and other cyber threats. Some reputable hosts include DDoS protection as a part of their hosting package, which is an added advantage.

  1. High Performance

Dedicated server hosting service offers a 100% Service Level Agreement. This ensures high reliability, giving you a robust browsing experience for your visitors. 

Moreover, it also increases the chances of revisits compared to when they encounter struggles with downtime and slow loading.

  1. Customisation

Dedicated server hosting offers you the freedom of customisation. 

You do not have to limit yourself by offering free blog hosting because of limited bandwidth resource allocation. This self-sufficiency enhances your blogging experience significantly.

  1. Storage Balance

Dedicated server hosting comes with the flexibility to adjust your storage according to your requirements. 

This ability to balance storage leads to faster access and better user experience, which becomes essential as your business grows.


It is always best to start your blogging journey with shared or VPS hosting as it is cost-effective, particularly for new bloggers. 

However, as the blog gains traction and attracts traffic, switching to a dedicated server becomes advantageous.

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