Easy Holiday Worthy Appetizers – The Café Sucre Farine

Easy Holiday Worthy Appetizers – The Café Sucre Farine

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Make holiday entertaining easy and delicious this year! These are 10 of our favorite holiday-worthy appetizers that everyone loves.

The holiday season is such a busy time of the year. Make things easy on yourself with these make-ahead appetizer ideas that are perfect for the holidays! We love to have a stash of nuts, crackers, cheese, jams and spreads on hand to pull out when guests come over.

These are a few ideas to make things extra special and delicious. There are homemade crackers, spiced nuts, marinated cheeses and more. We hope you enjoy!

Vertical overhead picture of marinated goat cheese with crostini on a wooden cutting board

Herb Marinated Goat Cheese

This easy appetizer is beautiful and outrageously delicious. Serve it with warm crusty bread and be sure to make plenty! It will get gobbled up before you can say “Herb Marinated Goat Cheese”!

Overhead picture of a cheese board with crackers, fruit, jams, cheese and nuts on a wooden table

How to Create a Great Cheeseboard

Whether you invite friends for appetizers, want to create an easy pre-dinner nibble or decide to make a meal out of one of these fabulous arrays of deliciousness, here are some tips on how to create a great cheeseboard.

Vertical picture of seeded crackers and avocado dip

Easy Pine Nut Seeded Crackers

With 10 minutes of hands-on time, these super healthy, gluten-free Pine Nut Seeded Crackers are perfect for dips, snacking and alongside soups and salads!

Vertical picture of Cranberry Clementine Conserves in a glass jar with cheese and nuts

Cranberry Clementine Conserves

Keep a stash of these Cranberry Clementine Conserves handy for a super easy and absolutely delicious appetizer. It’s also fabulous for gift giving!

Close up vertical picture of Winter Market Bruschetta in a white bowl

Winter Market Bruschetta

A fabulous, fresh appetizer, perfect any time of year, but especially wonderful in the off-season when warm, sunny skies and fresh produce seem like a distant memory.

Vertical picture of Sweet and Spicy Almonds in a blue and white bowl in front of two glasses of white wine

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Almonds

A delicious snack, cocktail nibble or salad topper, all in one easy recipe! But beware: these Sweet and Spicy Roasted Almonds are difficult to stop eating!

Parmesan Crisps with Thyme and Sea Salt - one of the most elegant (and easy!) Italian-inspired appetizers you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. A delicious little bite to go with cocktails, on salads or as a soup topping.

Parmesan Crisps with Thyme and Sea Salt

Super easy and elegant, these delicious little Italian-inspired bites are great with cocktails, on salads or as a soup topping.

Vertical picture of Maple Mustard Candied Bacon in a white bowl

Maple Mustard Candied Bacon

You’re going to flip with the first taste of this Maple Mustard Candied Bacon! It’s smoky, sweet, salty, savory, crispy and ridiculously delicious! It’s fabulous as a topping on salads, soups, burgers, pizzas, etc. and makes an amazing addition to a cheeseboard!

Copycat Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crisps

Copycat Rosemary Pecan Raincoast Crackers

These one-bowl, no-mixer, copycat Raincoast Crackers taste just like the ones at the fancy markets, but they’re easy and cost pennies to make!

Rosemary Pecan Goat Cheese Truffles

Rosemary Pecan Goat Cheese Truffles

A super fun, easy, make ahead appetizer, perfect for topping a cracker, crostini or wedge of warm pita. Delicious!

Vertical picture of roasted red pepper cheeseball on a wooden cutting board

Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Ball

Need an easy, make-ahead crowd-pleasing appetizer? This cheeseball checks all the boxes!

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Easy Holiday Worthy Appetizers

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