Responses by Federico Parra Barrios, type designer.

History: Created as part of my exploration project in the Atelier Nationale de Recherche Typographique in Nancy, France, Publicity is a variable font influenced by the photographic result of underexposure and overexposure in textual content copy. It pushes the boundaries of legibility to their extremes but retains legibility in the regular exposure. Exposure’s axis of variation ranges from -100 to +100 and offers a experience of changing the intensity of the light-weight to which the typeface is exposed, hence influencing its outline. Although you may possibly assume its best use would be in photography-similar tasks, I never ever deemed an perfect use for it I would like to be stunned and see designers employing it far outside of its thought.

Design and style imagining: When building photocopies for my study, I realized the results of the photographic machine on the form of letters. Making reproductions of reproductions resulted in copies with deformed letters that grew to become thicker to the position of being unreadable. At that place, I noticed the likely to generate an ‘exposure’ axis, getting gain of the alternatives made available by variable fonts although questioning typical variants these kinds of as pounds, width and slant.

Difficulties: The 1st was defining the base shapes (Exposure [0]) from which all other publicity variants would be derived. Equally the thick and slim strokes of every letter are calculated and placed exactly so that their corresponding underexposed and overexposed designs are legible and visually exciting.

The second was the manufacturing of the font. I was always participating in in the boundaries of existing font know-how, in some cases owning to reconsider specific factors of the font or creating scripts that have an effect on the way the computer software operates.

Time constraints: Despite the fact that this typeface emerged from an tutorial investigate challenge, it took two years and four months to finalize. Like many style designers, I usually reconsider areas of typography plenty of occasions that the average person will not automatically notice. Acquiring an agreement with the style foundry 205TF for Exposure’s release enabled me to concentration on its related features. Otherwise, it would almost certainly even now be in a really raw state.

Particular task requires: It was only when I decided to publish Publicity with 205TF that I was questioned if I prepared to develop an italic for it. Usually, italics are a little bit narrower and have tighter counterforms, which compelled me to rethink the manufacturing procedures I presently experienced. It was also hard to comply with the intensive 205TF glyph set as there were being styles that I had not considered that became quite complicated to attract at their finishes.

Favored particulars: Despite the fact that this typeface can be used in pretty expressive methods, I am most happy of how Exposure [0] seems to be in working text and its flexibility.

I’m also very happy of the ordinal letter n in Exposure Italic [-100]. It was complicated to draw, and I like how it seems to be a lot. I hope a person will use it one particular working day.


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