Foods That Can Worsen Your Gum Health

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You probably already know that your diet has a significant impact on maintaining your energy level and weight if you’re asking yourself what meals are the healthiest for you. The beneficial components of a balanced diet assist in keeping your body functioning properly and warding off sickness. However, are you aware of the meals that are beneficial for your teeth or the beverages that might cause cavities or even cause getting Single sitting RCT? Yes, specific meals and drinks can have an effect on your oral and dental health. Numerous meals and beverages can cause increased plaque and tooth damage. It may be possible to avoid tooth decay by learning what foods to eat.

Here is the list of food that badly affects your gum health:


Acid is created in your mouth by the combination of bacteria and soda’s sugar. Even “sugar-free” and “diet” pop cause corrosive damage. By eroding your enamel, the acid harms your teeth. You begin a brand-new 20-minute acid assault cycle with each beverage you sip. Your enamel is weakened by these continuous assaults. Not only can soda damage your tooth enamel, but it also damages the dentin or the next layer, and composite fillings used to fix cavities.

Potato Chips

Potato chip starch converts to sugar and becomes stuck between your teeth, feeding plaque and germs. Since you most likely don’t stop at one chip, you’re contributing to the ongoing generation of acid and once more fostering tooth decay. If you want to avoid getting dental surgeries like teeth implants or root canal treatment in Kolkata, you should avoid eating too much starchy food.


Your teeth’ enamel may disintegrate if you are exposed to citric acid over an extended period of time. Tooth decay is caused by the degradation of the hard tooth surface, sometimes referred to as demineralization.


Because of the vinegar, pickled foods have a high acid content and can demineralize your teeth. Additionally, pickles contain sugar, which means that they contribute to tooth decay.


Your teeth suffer more harm than just discolouration from the tannic acids. These acids have the ability to erode your tooth enamel and lead to decay. Given that it sticks to your tongue, coffee might result in halitosis (bad breath). It also dries up your mouth, preventing saliva from erasing the early indications of oral infections, gum disease, or tooth decay, as was mentioned previously.

Sports Drinks

Since saliva produces less acid than sugar in sports drinks does, tooth rot is more likely as a result. Sugar in sports drinks also sticks to teeth more than saliva does. Sports drinks were placed on cow teeth for an hour by Mark Wolff of the New York University College of Dentistry and his team. The cow teeth had weakened and exhibited enamel loss after 60 minutes, they discovered. Hence, avoid eating sports drinks too often to avoid visiting a smile dental clinic South Kolkata for tooth decay.

Dried Fruit and Candies

Although sugar is generally unhealthy for your teeth and gums, sticky candy like caramels, gummy bears, and sugary chewing gum is especially damaging and can advance gum disease. In the same vein, dried fruit should be avoided since it is frequently highly sticky. These sweets have the propensity to adhere to gums and teeth, which encourages bacterial development. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid sugary hard candies and lollipops because they take a while to consume and linger on the tongue for a long period. You do not need to stop eating these products, though, as dried fruit does contain a significant amount of vitamins. Any sticky treat should be followed by thorough water rinsing. Although it may seem counterintuitive, wait at least 30 minutes after eating before cleaning your teeth. Our top dentist in Kolkata suggests brushing as soon as possible will just force the acids deeper into the tooth enamel.


Alcohol use can affect your health in a variety of ways. Alcohol plays a significant impact in periodontal disease and is the second biggest cause of oral cancer in terms of oral health. Alcohol use can cause your mouth to become dry, which, as we previously mentioned, reduces your body’s ability to fight off oral microorganisms. This does not require you to fully eliminate alcohol from your diet, but you should be careful about how much and how often you drink. Pay attention to the kind of alcoholic beverages you eat as well. If you love cocktails, for instance, be aware that many of them contain sodas and/or sugary juices, making some of them triple threats.We can only hope this article helps you to avoid frequent visits to the dentist doctors South Kolkata due to your diet errors.

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