How Can The Independent Living Facilities For The Paid Retirement Homes In Kerala Be The Best For Aged NRIs?

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You can locate one or the other NRIs in every paid old age homes. In reality, there is a decent population of aged NRIs in the senior care institutions. You may be wondering why this is the case. Various benefits serve as the primary reasons why NRIs opt for retirement homes when they retire to India. Let’s discuss their reasons in detail.

What are the major reasons for which aged NRIs prefer to stay at the old-age homes?

The phenomenon of aged NRIs preferring to stay at luxury retirement homes in India and particularly in Kerala can be depicted in the following points. 

Independent Living

An Independent Living (IL) unit is no different from regular housing, but it is better built from an architectural aspect, with the inclusion of numerous design interventions that take into account the needs of active seniors.

The facility may include excellent lighting, design, and mobility features. There are wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and kitchens, wide hallways and doors, and non-skid tiles and floors in the bathrooms and kitchens. 

These are crucial to the IL’s atmosphere and inhabitants’ health to enhance socialization.

As soon as the aged NRIs arrive in India, they can quickly settle without hassle. They will not have to plan for various housing needs or everyday necessities separately. 

Retirement households take up the responsibilities for fulfilling the needs and requirements of the NRIs. They can live an independent and carefree existence with no interruption from others. They are free to do anything they want, whenever they want. All premium services are available at these senior care facilities.

Royal nutritious diets

When NRIs return to India, they often have no idea where to go for grocery shopping or even for purchasing the bits and pieces needed for the cooking process. On the other hand, they may also follow a specific dietary style that might not match the materials available in the grocery stores. As a result, they primarily choose to go for the best old age home that cares for their tastes and food styles.

Senior care home residents enjoy three freshly prepared meals prepared by culinary professionals that meet their nutritional needs. As an added upside, restaurant-style dining rooms encourage residents to share meals with friends and family, making each gathering a festive social occasion that they look forward to. The NRI residents may celebrate something new every day in a retirement centre and enjoy royal dining.

Enhanced Nursing Facilities

Retirement homes provide enhanced nursing care to the NRI residents. It offers provisions for caring for people with physical or mental problems, and residents receive physical, occupational, and rehabilitative therapy. Nursing aides and assistants, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, social workers, recreational helpers, and transportation are all available at this level.

Personalized care is necessary for old age, and it must be provided in a timely and suitable manner. The primary goal is to give residents a comprehensive but home-like environment during this stage. Their major product is a refuge on the nexus of Independent Living and Assisted Living, a paradise that embraces independence without sacrificing security or tranquillity.

Higher Safety and Security

Seniors generally feel comfortable and secure in the best old age home like those operating under the Travancore Foundation in Kerala. They have security personnel on-site who monitor the grounds and provide fast assistance to seniors in the event of an emergency. The elderly NRIs are regularly observed by professional personnel, and CCTV cameras are installed at all viewpoints to provide round-the-clock surveillance. Furthermore, all employees are trained to offer emergency first aid.

Each apartment in most senior living facilities has an emergency response system.

There’s no reason to be concerned about the safety and health care at a senior living community since on-call physicians, ambulances on standby, and emergency care are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Experience an eventful lifestyle

When NRIs return to India, it is pretty tough for them to acclimatize to everything in such a short period of time. They need good company and an eventful lifestyle to appreciate every moment and never feel lonely or bored. 

Music and meditation can be the soul food for these NRIs in the best old age home. While the body moves with exercise, music brings the heart and soul to life. While members may participate in a sing-a-long, listen to their favourite songs in a community hall, or even learn music, one can lose themselves in the beautiful world of melody while meditating. 

Community games such as bingo, treasure hunts, and puzzle-solving contribute to relaxation and pleasure in retirement homes. It’s always fun to play cards. These games provide joyous challenges for the NRIs and make them feel comfortable with the rest of the residents.


Whether Indian or an NRI, every senior deserves the opportunity to unwind, learn something new, and enjoy the retirement they’ve worked so hard for. Exceptional paid old age homes like those operating under the auspices of the Travancore Foundation in Kerala give their best shots in making the seniors feel comfortable and happy.

All you need to do now is research dedicatedly about the paid old age homes amidst the scenic backdrop of Kerala and then pick up the one which suits your requirements. Live the golden days of your senior years to the fullest extent.