How to Start an Alcohol Delivery Company

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Alcohol delivery services have become more popular recently as common nightlife spots are either closing early or not even open. Alcohol delivery services are known for its convenience especially if you offer same-day delivery at night. However, as alcohol delivery is a regulated business, there are some important things to know when starting an alcohol delivery business.

Be Aware of the Alcohol Regulations in Your Area

When starting any alcohol-related business, it is important to take note of any regulations that apply in your area. Alcohol is easily vulnerable to abuse such as accidentally delivering to minors and more. Such incidents could cause your business to be shut down. Take note of any time restrictions for delivering and selling alcohol, limitations on the permitted amount that can be delivered and more. Before offering any promotions and services, make sure to check the latest regulations and to ensure your recipient is of legal age.

Alcohol Supplier & Delivery Personnel

Meet up with various alcohol wholesalers to source for the most competitive prices. Ensure that your supplier is certified and sells authentic bottles. You will also need to be diligent in monitoring and maintaining your stocks to prevent missed opportunities if an item is out of stock.

An important part of any alcohol delivery service is delivery. Alcohol bottles are extremely fragile and can incur great costs to your business if they are broken in transit. Decide whether you want to hire in-house delivery personnel or engage a third-party delivery partner. Think about what is the ideal delivery timetable when deciding whether to engage a delivery service. If your company offers late night delivery, ensure that the delivery service you engage has drivers that work during that time of the day.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

In order to have returning customers, you need to offer them something that is of value and includes an incentive to continuously return to you for your products over that of your competitors. Connect with your customers through social media and get their feedback. Doing so helps you understand what their preferences are and gives you insight on what new items you can bring in. Another way is to stay up to date with the latest alcohol fads that your clients are into so that you can provide what they need.

Let People Know About Your Business

If no one knows about your business, no one can support your business. Make your business known to people in your area by actively promoting your new brand on social media. Include the various brands of alcohol, customer events that have ordered from you, positive reviews and also push out periodic offers for your loyal customer base.