Man proudly shares his buttered toast slow cooker ‘hack’

A FOOD enthusiast proudly shared how to get the “perfect toast and butter” but was roasted by critics who mocked the “ridiculous” method.

The man reckons a slow cooker is the best tool for the job, but it means preparing his breakfast for two hours before he can actually eat it.

The bloke shared how to get the perfect buttered toast


The bloke shared how to get the perfect buttered toastCredit: Facebook/SlowCookerRecipeTips
He reckons that a slow cooker does the trick and instantly got roasted


He reckons that a slow cooker does the trick and instantly got roastedCredit: Facebook/SlowCookerRecipeTips

The tongue-in-cheek post has since gone viral after being posted in a dedicated slow cooker Facebook group.

The amateur cook said that the bread should be placed in the slow cooker one slice at a time, resulting in perfectly cooked toast.

While many saw the humour in the post, others took it a little too seriously.


“I usually put mine in the toaster, takes two minutes,” one man reportedly hit back.

Another wrote: “Why would you do this when it takes max four minutes in the toaster and is fine.”

One person even told the bloke to “get a grip”, according to Mail Online, insisting that the ‘recipe’ is a step too far.

But one woman was quick to point out that the post was intended as a joke and urged people to “grow a sense of humour.”

Many found the post hilarious and took the opportunity to make a joke themselves.

One woman joked that she uses the slow cooker to make a cup of tea.

And another mocked: “I have a diet version, same except you don’t add the toast or the butter.”

Many jokingly asked for the recipe and specifically what bread was used.

Others asked for more specific instructions including what kind of bread was used and if a special method was used.

The slow cooker ‘hack’ has been shared hundreds of times with thousands more liking and commenting on the post.

Meanwhile, this woman shares her genius hack for cooking her full English in a slow cooker – and it gets sausages perfectly crispy.

And people are raving over a Christmas cake recipe you can make in the slow cooker with FOUR ingredients.

Meanwhile, people are raving about this Chocolate Orange three ingredient slow cooker fudge recipe which is perfect for Christmas.

The post was inteded as a joke and has since gone viral


The post was inteded as a joke and has since gone viralCredit: Facebook/SlowCookerRecipeTips
I send messages to my husband on his morning toast when I’m annoyed…people say I’m pathetic but it works for me

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