Most Economical Option for Making the Whipped Cream

An economical and very delicious option, to decorate sweets and desserts, is Whipped cream. This cover has a light yet firm texture and is applied in a very practical way with spatulas or pastry nozzles, in addition to allowing the combination with different flavors and colors. 

Want to see just how it has everything to make your desserts much more attractive and tasty? Keep reading and see 6 tips to decorate them with this tasty cream. As nitrous oxide cream chargers are easily ordered online from websites such as  you can now go for this choice as well.

What types of sweets look great with Whipped cream? 

Super versatile, this cream can be applied in the most diverse sweets and desserts. It is mainly used in the finishing of cakes and pies , but it can also decorate:

  • a thousand sheets
  • meringues
  • mousses and even hot drinks, like coffee and chocolate. 

On which occasions is he most welcome? 

Of course, a sweet covered with Whipped cream is always welcome, but there are some occasions when the use of this topping becomes even more special. It is the case of:

  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • year-end celebrations
  • wedding
  • baby showers
  • June parties among others.

What types of decorations can be done? 

There is no limit to creativity. You can use it together with strawberry, chocolate and even flowers. So, we’ve separated 6 of them for you to get inspired and apply to your menu now.

Colorful whipped cream

You can go beyond the classic and put all your creativity on display by decorating the candy with various colors of Whipped cream. There are dyes that are usually applied to the surface of the cakes. It is about remembering that it is not recommended to add powdered dyes directly to the whipped cream. It is advisable to hydrate the powdered dye before it is mixed with the product.  

Depending on your dessert proposal, you can adopt a single color or even different shades. But it is worth remembering that, in order to achieve the ideal result, you must use a good quality standard whipped cream, which needs to present a snow-white appearance, to allow these color mixtures without affecting them. Here are just a few examples:

  • Blue: the cover in this shade helps to enhance this super neutral color, making it even more elegant. 
  • Pink: a candy decorated in this color is even more delicate and attractive.
  • Red: for those who like to dare and want an impressive dessert, this is the right bet.
  • Yellow: this bright and lively color is an excellent bet for celebration occasions. 
  • Golden or silver: these are options that bring glamor and more shine to the candy. 

With strawberry

The combination of Whipped cream with this delicious fruit is a universal classic. It can be used to decorate pies with whole or chopped fruit, mixed with cream and whipped cream. For use in fillings, this pair can be combined with jellies or in toppings of cakes and savory pies.

With cherry

How about mixing the creamy topping with the sweet cherry flavor? It looks delicious and looks super attractive. It is possible to use the fruit in different ways in the decoration, such as: on the top and sides of the cake or pie.