Our Sweet Tortilla Wrap is Full of Nutritious and Delicious Goodness!

Our Sweet Tortilla Wrap is Full of Nutritious and Delicious Goodness!

For such a simple treat, this sweet wrap is ultra-satisfying!

Simple ingredients combine in our Sweet Tortilla Wrap.

Sweet, simple, and healthy! We’ve created our very own quick, one-serving dessert recipe based on the folded tortilla trend that is so easy to make. Made with decadent ingredients like natural peanut butter, strawberries, banana, and dark chocolate, this sweet wrap will surely hit the spot! Keep the ingredients on hand for when that sweet craving strikes!

Try Out Our Trendy Treat

Take a bite out of this beautiful work of delicious art!

As always, Skinny Ms. is keeping up with the times and creating our own treat based on a trending favorite. For this recipe, we’ve added a sweet and healthy spin by adding natural peanut butter, tons of fruit, and whole grains. Each of these components delivers deliciously and nutrient-filled goodness that the others wouldn’t!

Deliciously Sweet and Healthy!

This grgeous and healthy snack is almost too pretty to eat.

This tortilla is not only delicious but also nutritious! We’ve included some key nutrients including protein from peanuts and essential vitamins and minerals from the fruit. Chocolate even packs a little antioxidant punch, so don’t shy away from adding your favorite. We used 70% dark chocolate for this recipe because it offers more vitamins and minerals than the others without sacrificing the flavor. Not only that, but we’re using a whole wheat tortilla here for extra fiber, which supports heart health. Altogether, our Sweet Tortilla is the perfect, nutrient-dense dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

How to Wrap Up this Sweet Tortilla

This sweet fruit, chocolate, and peanut butter wrap is a treat the kids will ask for over and over again!

Once you get the hang of the folding method, this recipe is so simple and easy to pull together when you are in the mood for a sweet snack or quick dessert. 

First, cut one line in the tortilla from the middle to the edge. Using that line as a guide, spread peanut butter on one quarter of the tortilla. In the next quarter, spread the banana slices. Arrange the strawberries in the third quarter. And finally, sprinkle the chocolate chips in the fourth corner. At this point, your tortilla should look like a 4-piece pizza with different toppings on each quarter. 

Now for the fold! Fold the first quarter (peanut butter) which will be the one with the cut next to it over on top of the next section (banana). Pick up the layered triangle and fold it onto the third quarter (strawberries). Pick it up one more time and fold on top of the chocolate chip triangle to form the completed, layered triangle tortilla. Now, all of the toppings should be inside and you have a tortilla pocket filled with tasty goodness. 

Finish it off by heating a skillet over medium heat. Cook your tortilla for 1-3 minutes on each side to melt the chocolate and get the outside to your preferred crispiness! 

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