White Castle will test Flippy at a White Castle restaurant this fall.

Courtesy of White Castle

  • White Castle announced on Tuesday that it plans to test a cooking robot named Flippy in the kitchen of at least one White Castle this fall.
  • Flippy is built by Miso Robotics, and can fry food, flip burgers, and more. It’s already used in stadiums, venues, and restaurants like the Dodger Stadium.
  • The White Castle and Miso collaboration has been in the works for a year, but the pandemic sped up the fast-food chain’s push for automation due to delivery demand and a move
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Vitamin D and Diabetes - Types, Effects, Deficiency & Health Benefits

Since the pandemic began, staying safe and staying healthy has been our priority and even more so as we continue into winter. With Irish researchers suggesting that taking Vitamin D supplements can be “pivotal” to fighting resistance to respiratory infections such as Covid-19, we look at the importance of having it in our diets now.

Why is vitamin D important? Buy your supplement here agocap.it.

Vitamin D is important for giving our bodies vital nutrients to help keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. These nutrients are calcium and phosphate and they’re essential for bone growth, supporting the immune system and … Read More

An entire tube of tomato paste and a whole tin of anchovy fillets play support to a half-dozen caramelized shallots in this rich pasta from Alison Roman. Double the sauce, and keep it around for weeks to come.

Ravneet Gill’s supersmart recipe omits expensive vanilla extract, but still yields incredible flavor. Don’t skip the overnight chill, or rolling the dough balls before chilling. It’s that attention to detail that truly makes them an exemplary cookie.

Recipe: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe, from Ali Slagle, takes the best parts of sour cream and onion dip and applies them to …

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Woman in an apron, holding a pot and ladle.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Getty Images Plus.

Dear Prudence is online weekly to chat live with readers. Here’s an edited transcript of this week’s chat.

Danny Lavery: Afternoon, everyone! Let’s get cracking.

Q. I hate my wife’s cooking! My wife grew up eating far healthier than I did—vegetarian, no sweets, the whole nine yards. All the food she cooks is basically just stews of mushy vegetables with some sort of liquid. I hate it. I feel like a 4-year-old in my petulance, but I wind up just kind of picking at her food listlessly. She notices. We’ve

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When I’m eating delicious Lebanese food with my cookery class students, I can forget about all the pain. I feel loved. As a Lebanese chef currently in the UK, I know that sharing food is what makes us human.

There has been a long road between my old life in Lebanon and teaching cookery students in the UK. I was shot twice by a member of the Shia opposition during the internal conflict which broke out in Lebanon between the Sunni and Shia Muslims, and it left me paralysed for life. Through all the pain and uncertainty, cooking has become

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