Persian Fairy Floss: How to Use and Properly Store It

Red and Green Fruit Salad with Vanilla Persian Fairy Floss | The Devil  Wears Salad

Persian Fairy Floss is a trademark dessert made by Persian locals inspired by the cotton candy dessert which was famous around the world. As time passes, professional chefs and home bakers from Australia tend to imitate the piece that later on flourished in the country due to the vast amount of bakers who opt to need the ingredient. 

To buy fairy floss in certain parts of the world has been a real deal, but since Australia mastered creating the sweet-tasting ingredient, it is more accessible to them than other countries in the world.

How To Use the Persian Fairy Floss

The Persian fairy floss or pashmak can be used either as a dessert or a garnish but keep in mind that upon serving the fairy floss, one should consume it right away since it can quickly melt to the moisture of the environment. 

Pashmak is a versatile garnish that would suit every dessert. Desserts such as puddings, cupcakes, cakes, and canapès are few of the ones you can decorate with the Persian fairy floss’s help. Thus, it adds a little bit of slick and sassy appearance on the dessert since it is string-like material that is lightweight but can also hold light edible designs.

It would be best to try doing it before the special event to execute the ways flawlessly and adequately fully. Thus, your guests will have positive feedback about your masterpiece, which will surely motivate you to create more along the way.

How To Store the Persian Fairy Floss

If you have a string of leftover Persian fairy floss, storing it inside a tight and sealed container is the best option to do. Keep in mind that once a fairy floss garnered moisture from the air, it slowly melts into a liquid-like texture that would not be pleasing to your guests or to anyone who will consume the dessert you served. 

Therefore, you open a pack of Persian fairy floss for the dessert you prepared, and it would be best to use all of it to refrain and prevent the soggy-like texture from occurring. Once this texture is seen on your fairy floss, it is recommended to eat it alone rather than use it as a garnish since it is not appealing. Thus, if it showcases a less firm appearance, it would not look appealing and sturdy once placed on top of desserts as garnish.

To prevent this from happening, it would be best to purchase Persian fairy floss packs that are enough for the amount of dessert you opt to make for the event or occasion thus if you can see a separately packed fairy floss do not hesitate to grab the opportunity to purchase that kind of variant. 

How To Decorate a Persian Fairy Floss

A Persian fairy floss creates a unique appearance for your desserts since it is made with refined ingredients. Thus, it is recommended to use a tweezer when using a Persian fairy floss since it is safer, especially if you unknowingly have wet hands when decorating the dessert. 

Small amounts of fairy floss can immediately create a different feel on your dessert, and sweet tooth individuals would drool over your masterpiece. It is quite risky to use the fairy floss on liquid-like desserts since it melts right away, but it is a smart move to think of a way to prevent the fairy floss from melting along the way. 

Keep in mind that a desert where a Persian fairy floss will be used is one of the best ways to use the Pashmak since it will last longer than the usual. Also, adding the Persian fairy floss on desserts for fantasy-themed events is perfect since it can resemble nests for mystical birds and even fairies fancied over by guests. 


Nevertheless, this sweet and unique dessert is perfect for individuals who would like to add a unique ingredient with an extraordinary flavour. Thus, recognising Middle Eastern locals who founded the recipes is necessary to give credit for their hard work.

It is important to remember that where to buy fairy floss is still a problem for bakers worldwide; therefore, if you are knowledgeable enough about how to do it. It would then be best to share the recipe with your friends and start creating a small business out of it. 

Keep in mind that there are people around you who seek the same ingredients as you do especially if they have a similar passion. If you are still hesitating to do it, consider this a sign to start and move for your future business.