(Meredith) — One of the biggest changes we all experienced in 2020 was the way we eat. Most of us were no longer dining in at restaurants, and we learned to rely on take-out and cooking our own food at home.

In 2021, we can expect many food trends to continue – like making breakfast more often and creating new cocktails on our own.

Senior Digital Food Editor at Real Simple Betty Gold said that one of the biggest trends we will continue seeing is cooking at home, especially when it comes to making breakfast.

“As a result of having

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(Photo: RYOT Studio; photos Courtesy of Ser Baffo and Jerome A. Shaw)
(Photo: RYOT Studio; photos Courtesy of Ser Baffo and Jerome A. Shaw)

I’m not your typical financial educator.

I order food delivery whenever my life demands it.

This is in conflict with what is often taught by most experts on those websites and personal finance advice articles that are geared toward individuals who are in need of pinching pennies or enjoy taking extreme cost-cutting measures.

I have often felt that quite a few of these articles don’t take into consideration opportunity cost, defined as the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. Just because something

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Like nearly every public activity during the pandemic, the Costco experience is not what it used to be. Fortunately, though, since being pulled in March, the wholesale retailer finally is bringing back its most beloved sample program – with a twist. Before COVID-19 times, there would be groups of people crowding over the sample cart to take one of the pre-filled bites. Now, neither of these practices are allowed.

Costco announced that products and dishes would be showcased like they’re in a museum behind plexiglass displays. Instead of handing out fresh samples on-site, there will be dried samples available for

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You can always make a dish at home for less than you pay at a restaurant — that’s a given. A restaurant has to factor in overhead costs when they price out a menu to remain solvent, but certain items provide restaurants with more opportunity to overprice than others. You might choose to do a little more home cooking after finding out these restaurant secrets.

Click through to see how much you’re overspending on these expensive foods in restaurants.

Last updated: March 16, 2020


Restaurants typically charge between two and three times the bottle cost for craft beers and

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