This is how to drink coffee is good for body health

8 Ways To Drink Coffee That Is Good For Your Health

Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning seems to have become a ritual for some people. Are you one of those people who regularly drink coffee during the day?  Coffee is indeed one of the healthiest drinks, if you know how to drink coffee right. Coffee is a drink that is rich in antioxidant molecules. In addition, several studies also prove the benefits of drinking coffee, in fighting various diseases.

But drinking too much coffee, or drinking it at the wrong time, will have a negative impact on the body. As reported by, therefore we need to know how to drink healthy coffee, including paying attention to the hours of coffee drinking, the number of cups, to the natural ingredients that can be added. In addition, also pay attention to the sweeteners you mix every time you sip coffee. Here’s how to drink coffee, so that it becomes a more healthy activity: 

Avoid drinking coffee after 2 pm 

An invitation to hang out at a nearby coffee shop by friends in the afternoon, may be hard to refuse. It’s just that, we are advised not to drink coffee after 2 pm.  While caffeine can act as a brain stimulant, drinking it after 2 p.m. can disrupt sleep at night, as caffeine can keep us awake for hours.  This effect should be a concern, especially if you often go through sleepless nights. Alternatively, try to consume drinks with less caffeine, if you need a stimulant after 2 pm. Green tea, can be an alternative drink to calm the mind. 

Don’t drink too much 

As coffee lovers, we certainly already understand the efficacy of this drink in improving mood and work power. However, even though it is healthy, we still have to pay attention to the amount of coffee consumed.  The results of research some time ago, which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends, six cups of coffee is the maximum amount in one day.You can try South Indian filter coffee for your new experience

Reduce or avoid sugar as a sweetener

For some people, how to drink coffee without mixing a few spoonfuls of sugar is very difficult.  Though we should limit sugar consumption, because it can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Especially at this time, where a lot of sugary drinks are increasingly mushrooming.  Coffee is definitely healthier to drink without sugar. You can taste the real coffee flavor at the same time, without sugar and milk.  Sprinkle a little ginger powder Ginger is a cooking spice that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. Besides often added to a glass of tea, ginger can also be added to a cup of coffee.  Ginger contains antioxidant molecules and anti-inflammatory compounds, so it is very good for the health of the body.  In addition, this spice also has a popularity for dealing with nausea, lowering cholesterol, and alleviating digestive problems. The method is also very easy. Simply sprinkle less than 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, into a cup of coffee.