Top 7 Benefits of Vocational High Schools

What are the Advantages of a Vocational High School?

High school is a time for learning and self-exploration. However, sometimes it can feel a little monotonous. Whether it’s true or not, a common complaint is that students don’t learn practical skills. Did you know there are schools out there that specialize in teaching skills for certain career fields? Attending a vocational high school can have many benefits for teenagers’ futures.

Hands-On Learning

Your high schooler can get hands-on experience in a field they are passionate about. Vocational schools are common for culinary arts, performing arts, cosmetology, carpentry, medical occupations, and more. For example, the Norwegian Restaurant School offers immersive courses directly related to becoming a chef or waiter. Hands-on learning is not only more interesting, but it also leads to a deeper understanding of concepts and problem-solving skills. Many employers prefer hands-on experience over book smarts.

Improved Career Selection

Selecting a lifelong career as a teenager can be trying. It is especially difficult if you are making that decision without any experience in the field. Many students end up switching majors in college or working out of their career field after graduation. They made the incorrect choice for themselves. Vocational schools help eliminate that phenomenon. Students get a feel for a career before committing. They can either feel confident pursuing that career field further or drop it from their options.

Resume Building

Vocational education gives students a great jump start on building their resumes. Young people’s resumes are often loaded with extracurricular activities and basic jobs like babysitting and fast food. Vocational experience will look impressive for any job because they will have hours in a professional workplace-like environment. The schools often have connections for their students, too. Your high schooler can expect more internships, apprenticeships, and even job offers after completing the program. Job placement programs can be invaluable.

Stepping Stone for Future

Going to a specialty high school is a great stepping stone for your teen’s future. Previously, vocational schools were used in lieu of a college education. Now, they are used as an open door towards the student’s career. After graduating from vocational school, a student may elect to start their career early or go onto college. Even if they decide to go to college, their high school education can help them secure a quality part-time or summer job.

High-Quality Teachers

Many standard high schools offer courses like home economics, woodshop, and computer sciences. The teachers for these courses are usually just teachers from other core subjects. When you attend a vocational school, your professors will be specialists in that field. Would you rather take food courses from a math teacher or a chef? The professors don’t just teach from a book. They teach from experience.

Strong Friendships

Sometimes fitting in can be a challenge in high school. Often students with strong passions are labeled as quirky. At a vocational school, those students will be surrounded by the like-minded. They can build stronger friendships and be influenced by others in their age bracket.

Adaptable Schedule

Many vocational schools offer extremely adaptable schedules. Instead of spending several hours straight sitting in a classroom in the middle of your day, you can expect variety. Some programs are offered during nights and weekends to accommodate scheduling conflicts. Your time also won’t just be spent sitting at a desk. Typical schedules include some desk work, hands-on labs, and field trips. Because of the flexibility and focus, students may even be able to graduate in less time.

If you have a child in high school, you should take time to explore vocational options. A specialized education can be beneficial for their personal and career development.