Travel Nurses in New York: What You Should Know

Why two travel nurses chose to go to NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic

It will be wise to be prepared when applying for a travel nursing job. There are some adjustments you will be facing since you will be assigned to new places and new working environments. You can get the opportunity to be one of the travel nurses in New York. New York is a great place to explore, imagine being able to see the big apple, live there during your assignment period, and practice your profession at the same time. Traveling and working can be hard on a regular job, but with a travel nursing job, it’s a dream come true. 

Why Do Most Travel Nurses Prefer to Work in New York?

A Good Place to Explore 

New York is tagged as the city that ever sleeps since people can be seen 24/7 at the center of the city. People from all over the world have been migrating to New York and making it their home. With the large population and booming business people can be seen shopping even up to the middle of the night. Entertainments centers and a wide variety of stores are open to entertaining people. Madison Square, central park, and the Statue of Liberty are only a few of the popular places to see in New York City and there are more.  

Competitive Salary 

New York travel nurses can earn an average annual salary of $118,145. This rate is higher than the rate for regular nurses plus nurses get reimbursements for their job-related expenses. Traveling is expensive but as a travel nurse you don’t need to worry much since your nurse staffing agency will be handling most of your expenses. Travel nurses even get free accommodation at their destinations. 

Home of the Top Hospitals 

Three hospitals in the top 20 of America’s Best Hospitals are located in New York. Working in reputable hospitals can be a plus in your portfolio, plus working in this kind of hospital can help you enhance your skills in a more advanced medical technology which can come in handy in advancing your career in the future. 

Facts About Travel Nurses in New York

Travel Nurse gets to Stay in a Fully Furnished Accommodation 

Nurse staffing agencies know how it feels to be away from home, so to help their nurses adjust facts in their new working environment. They are provided with fully furnished accommodation and the place is usually near the hospital they will be working in. Nurses can also opt to choose a non-taxable housing stipend if they plan to bring their families with them.

More Job Opportunities and Chance to Work for Reputable Hospitals 

Since New York is the place for the three reputable hospitals listed in the top 20 America’s Best Hospitals Nurses can get a chance to work in these hospitals, working with the best hospital can give you the chance to grow your skills as well as knowledge in how to handle advanced hospital equipment. This exposure can be advantageous for nurses since not everyone can have the opportunity to be assigned to these hospitals. 

Educational Training are Provided

Continuous educational training is given to nurses so they can be updated with the new information in the medical field. They want their nurses not to get left behind therefore this training is given now and then and this includes travel nurses. New York is a big and progressive city, they have advanced technologies when it comes to their medical equipment. Nurses are being trained and how to operate them as well as get updated with what’s new so they can be able to cope and perform their duties well. 

Now that you have an idea about Travel nurses in New York: What you should know then you can start looking for a nurse staffing agency that will be able to send you to New York to work as a travel nurse. Make your dream come true by getting assigned to the big apple and being able to have the opportunity to explore the place while practicing your profession. Travel nursing jobs can give you more opportunities not just traveling but also other things that can help you grow your career by getting the experiences you need as well as getting trained in handling different healthcare facility equipment in different areas of the world. More knowledge and experience the better.