Qué es un servicio de catering? Organiza eventos memorables ✓

Catering services are highly appreciated by many people. Something logical given the different types of catering that exist and the main advantages of this type of food service.

The public is increasingly demanding and this, together with the changes inherent in today’s lifestyle, means that catering is the perfect solution on different occasions.

Most popular types of catering according to their form of service.

Catering to pick up on the premises.

It is the type of catering in which you go to the place and pick up the food to take away. It is inexpensive and if the place is on your usual route, near your home or work, a very comfortable and economical option.

Catering to deliver at home.

Even more convenient is to order take-out food and receive it at home. An increasingly common type of catering and better valued by the public. Like Sandwich catering for example.

Special catering for celebrations at home or for company events.

Large events and personal or company celebrations require quality food service. Catering is the most appreciated option in these cases for comfort, diversity of choice of dishes to serve and economic savings.

Catering for communities.

Another of the types of catering that are gaining positions. In addition to the traditional catering for communities, more and more groups of people choose to buy food to take away and collect locally or receive it at home on a regular basis. Even choosing it daily according to the number of people they are and what they want to eat at the moment. For example, coworkers, sports teams and schools or daycare centers who do not want to have their own kitchen, among others.

Advantages of acquiring food in a catering.

Saving money in a catering compared to going to a restaurant.

Organizing a family or personal celebration or a company event with a catering is an economical solution. It is cheaper than going to a restaurant since you can save costs on winery products or drinks, which are cheaper to buy in a supermarket or a specific supplier. In addition, if it is the type of catering in which you pick up take-out food or pick it up personally at home, you will be saving the cost of the service. And the final price of both savings will be a relevant percentage.

More convenience and less worry when organizing a catered celebration.

Preparing food at home for a celebration takes a lot of work. Planning, shopping, crafting, cleaning. This not only generates fatigue and discomfort, but also concerns about trying to get to everything and achieving the satisfaction of all the guests. Acquiring food in a catering is infinitely more comfortable and, in addition, it frees you from those worries.

Greater choice for the satisfaction of the participants.

One of the main advantages of ordering food from a caterer is the great diversity in choosing what to serve and to please all the diners. But this capacity for choice is not limited only to the dishes to be served. Also at the time you want to eat and if you want to enjoy a long after-dinner without the restaurant being invited to leave.

In addition, catering not only allows you to organize a celebration at home or an event in the company in traditional lunch or dinner formats. It also allows you to do it as a brunch, mid-afternoon cocktail, night party and others.

Quality dishes served at the time you want.

It does not matter if you are not a good cook or you are not interested in cooking. Catering allows you to offer your guests quality food at home regardless of this. And you can serve it at the time that suits you best. Without waiting to make time to free up space in the dining room of a restaurant and without having to adjust your program or time preferences to the service hours of a specific place.

Eating well in an intimate and private setting is possible with catering food.

Another important advantage of catering is that it allows you to enjoy your food in an intimate and private environment. This is especially important at company events due to the need for confidentiality regarding conversations or attendees. But also in the field of family or friends celebrations. And not only by what is said but by how one has fun. Especially in these times when anyone can capture photos or images with a simple mobile phone.

Furthermore, in the current context, some families prefer that special occasions be celebrated at home. Especially if the participants include older people or those who belong to risk groups.

Food safety and quality.

Acquiring catering food for celebrations allows you to bet on quality and food safety. It is prepared by professionals following the precise health and hygiene standards to avoid problems. Even if there are participants with known food intolerances. Both in the handling of food, as in the preparation of the same and in the environment in which these tasks are carried out.

Evaluate the main advantages of catering for a family celebration, a personal event or a company event. And make the decision to take advantage of these in your next personal or work meetings.