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What is the difference between a trattoria and an osteria ? Is there always pizza in an Italian ristorante ? Is there only first-grade pasta in Italy ? Is the salad a first ? If you have traveled or are going to travel to Italy, you may wonder. And, if not, in any case, it is clear that these are the existential doubts that everyone asks since childhood … Well, maybe not, but it should! Make your reservation in Moers Restaurant, and you can eat all Italian taste without go to Italy.

After talking about what are the true typical dishes of Italian cuisine and what should not be done under any circumstances in a restaurant in Italy , we are going to refine even more. If it was not clear that Italians with food are complicated, peculiar and a bit Taliban, now there will be no doubts. From the basic level we move on to the intermediate level: types of restaurants and structure of a meal . Mamma mia!


When I arrived in Spain, I couldn’t understand why you had to give so many different names to the places where you were going to do something as simple as eating: tavern, tavern, inn, food house, tapas bar … But then I thought that eating is not something so simple, but rather complex, and the same thing happens in Italy, although I had never realized it. Here is a list of the different types of places to eat, not just ” ristoranti “.

  • Osteria : in the past it was something similar to an inn, where you slept, drank and ate something very simple . Today it is a popular place where, as in the origins of osterie , wines continue to be of particular importance. There are always exceptions, even a restaurant with three Michelin stars, the Osteria Francescana in Modena , has appropriated this name.
  • Trattoria : in its origins it was a popular and home-made restaurant , although nowadays, as in the case of osterie , there arehigh-level traditional food restaurantsthat are also called that. So you may be wondering, what is the difference between osteria and trattoria? Now, not much, the truth … although in the osterie you will not always eat, you can simply go for a drink or a snack.
  • Enoteca : they are wineries where, often, you can also eat. They are usually high-end ristoranti / trattorie.
  • Taverna : They were low level osterie / trattorie, now they are restaurants, sometimes even fancy, but usually decorated in rustic style . This term is not used much.
  • Rosticceria : a place where roast chicken and other dishes prepared hot (croquettes, other fried foods, small pizzas, calzoni, etc.) and coldare soldto eat on site or to take away .
  • Tavola calda : place with hot, simple dishes that can be eaten quickly, standing up, at the bar or at the table. Similar are the snack-bar, the caffetteria, the paninoteca …
  • Ristorante Pizzeria : restaurant serving pizzas , usually made in a wood-fired oven , and other simple dishes. The “ pizze al piatto ” –the big ones– are eaten only in the pizzerie , in the rest of Italian restaurants there are no pizzas –unless they are tourist-. In the pizzerie it is possible to take the pizza to eat it at home and many have home delivery – in Italy there is no concept of TelePizza , but there are thousands of small pizzerie -. The “pizza al taglio” –pizza “al corte”, square and small – it is sold in places where there are usually no tables. Is fortake away and eat on the street or at home .