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Vitamin C serums

Vitamin C serums are well-known because they actually work. If you have any skin concerns like fine lines, discoloration or uneven skin tone, a good skin-care product to try is one that contains vitamin C.

Although you are more than likely already getting vitamin C in your diet from food and supplements, for your skin to get the vitamin C benefits, it is best to use serums and topicals to maintain a smooth, even, glowing complexion. To learn more about how this highly sought-after skin care ingredient can benefit you, keep reading. Buy your supplement at

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C, one of the most effective nutrients, is an antioxidant that is necessary for your overall well-being. It can protect your body and strengthen your immunity, and helps the growth and repair of your tissues, including the skin. In addition, vitamin C also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, and eye diseases, and it maintains the wellness of your skin.

L-ascorbic acid is one of the most potent and purest forms of vitamin C. It is also the most biologically active and can oxidize easily. There are other vitamin C derivatives such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which are not pure vitamin C and are combined with other ingredients to keep them more stable. Mixing vitamin C with another antioxidant like vitamin E can stabilize its properties and make it more effective.

Side effects of vitamin C

Vitamin C is generally safe for daily use. However, it may be irritating on very sensitive skin or when mixed with other acids, such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and retinol. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist to find a brand and concentration that is best for your skin.

Vitamin C serum concentration

Vitamin C serums are available in various concentrations. It is ideal to choose a vitamin C serum that has a concentration between 10-20%. Anything below 8% may not be effective, and anything above 20% may lead to skin irritation. It is best to use vitamin C serums within 6 months of opening it, and it’s recommended you store it away from direct sunlight.

Vitamin C in skincare

Vitamin C serums mix well and layer with other skin care ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It is advisable not to use vitamin C serum with exfoliating acids like glycolic acid, and antioxidants, and retinol and niacinamide.

Vitamin C serum can be used in the morning and at night. To get more benefit, it is recommended to use it with sunscreen because it can increase protection from the sun and free radicals. The combination can also reduce sunburn. Consistency is key to reaping the maximum benefits of vitamin C serums.

Benefits of vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is very reactive and can easily lose its antioxidant properties when it is exposed to heat, light and air. There are many benefits to adding a vitamin C serum to your skin care routine so here are the reasons why you should add this powerful antioxidant ingredient.