What Are The Healthiest Sources of Animal Protein For Our Diet

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Protein is an essential nutrient that is required by the body in large quantities. This is why it is a macronutrient. Protein has helped to perform so many roles in the body, from aiding digestion to building energy sources, to forming structural muscles as well as hormone production.

Although protein is required in large quantities by the body to perform up to tasks and be active, it is saddening that some people face the problem of malnutrition. Protein deficiency in humans over the years and now has and is still causing premature death among us, reducing the world population.

One peculiarity about protein is that it is not just needed in the body, it is needed in large quantities. About 7g of protein is required by the body each day. See Amon Avis for reviews on several dietary supplements available in the French market.

Protein forms enzymes that stimulate many chemical reactions in the body and thus, it is the building block of amino acid. There is a protein in everything in the body, starting from the top of the head to the sole. Most importantly, just as protein requirement is high for the body, its intake differs in quantity based on age, medical condition, and activity level of an individual. Let organic food sellers like Pour de Bon help you deliver quality foods at your doorstep.

There are a colossal number of protein sources. They can be obtained from plants (plant-based protein) or animals (animal-based protein). Examples of plant protein sources are legumes (peas and beans), Seeds, Peanuts, Whole grains, and Nuts amongst others.

The healthiest sources of animal protein for our diet include:

1) Poultry: Poultry contains a substantial amount of protein that the body requires. Examples of poultry sources are chicken, turkey, and duck. We can also obtain a bulk of our protein sources from eggs.

2) Fish: Fish is a good source of protein. It contains dietary amino acids that the body breaks down for use efficiently. Examples of fish sources are Salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines.

3) Dairy Foods: Since our animals can be reared for dairy purposes, we can get sources of milk proteins such as cheese and milk for our consumption. It is a very pure form of protein source. You can as well make yogurt and store them in refrigerators for later use.

4) Red Meat: Red meat can be obtained from animals like swine, lamb, mutton. Goat meat is also a very good source of protein. Although red meat is a good protein source, the consumption of it is passable. Little consumption of it is what is required, and if you have eaten too much of it in the past, you can completely stop its intake for now until a later time to ensure that it does not promote an underlying negative effect.

5) Processed Meat: Meat processed by whatever means should be avoided, especially that prepared in restaurants and parties. This is because they contain very low amounts of fiber. They might become susceptible to damage through the means of processing. It is not just advisable to avoid too much consumption of processed meat, it can lead to colorectal cancer and if sufficient treatment is not given, it may lead to death.

In conclusion, a plant is the purest form of protein source because it has a greater amount of protein constituents than an animal. Animal Protein sources are still a very good supply of protein. The caution is to avoid overconsumption and watch out for preparation and storage.