What did you not know about German Cuisines?

Traditional German Food: What to Eat in Germany

We have all seen Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or American restaurants in different countries, but have you actually heard of German restaurants offering German cuisines? Probably not! German cuisines are unquestionably not very popular in the whole world, and there are some reasons behind that. Those reasons have made a common perspective among the people, and that is why people don’t tend to give essential or attention to the German Cuisines. But of course, you are actually missing out, and there is more the German Cuisines than you think. Let’s check out what you actually did not know about German Cuisines.

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Three things that you actually did not know about German Cuisines! 

These are the exact three things that you didn’t know about the German Cuisines. So go through them and increase your knowledge!

  1. Misconception about potatoes and sausages!

It does not matter if we talk about movies or TV shows; Germans are always shown eating sausages and potatoes whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That is where the actual misconception started, and the whole world thought Germans love these two items. While it is partially true that sausages and potatoes are consumed a lot more than usual in Germany, it is also true that there is more than that. You can easily find hundreds of other German cuisines that do not have potatoes or sausages. If you want to try out different types of Cuisines in Germany, you can simply lookout for healthy food brands in Germany that can help you cook the cuisines yourself or let you taste the ready-made dishes without any hassle. 

  1. Germans do eat vegetables!

Have you ever really wondered why the obesity rate in Germany is lower than in most countries? Well, it is because their diet is not only focused on meat. Germans do eat vegetables, and in fact, there some of the most popular cuisines are entirely vegetables-based. But again, on the other hand, the fact that Germans also prefer meat over anything is undeniable! 

  1. No spices at all!

If you are an Asian food lover and reading this, then you might hate German Cuisines after reading the whole thing. So yes, just like the title suggests, German Cuisines are often spices-less. The concept of adding spices to their dishes is meager in the whole country, and that is probably why most of the German dishes taste the same. This fact is relatively unknown to most of the world, and it is undoubtedly quite surprising too.

The verdict

Honestly, did you really know all the things mentioned above about German Cuisines? You did not, right? There are some other things too that you might not know about German Cuisines, but these are the actual ones that you should really consider when going to Germany or when trying out the food there.