Your Daily FoodScope for August 16, 2021

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Things may have been a little tense with coworkers these days, but regard their feelings today and you could buy yourself some valuable PR. So refrain from some of your more annoying habits; they especially hate it when you sit at your desk and loudly slurp your ramen noodles.


A vigorous exercise session may have you feeling sore and creaky today. Fortunately, there are tasty ways to remedy the tenderness brought on by exertion. Ginger and chamomile are well-known inflammation fighters, so put a little of both in a cup of tea and you’ll soon be able to stand up without grunting and groaning.


Romance may be in the air today, but think twice before diving into the pool. Physical attraction is nice, but in the long run compatibility is more important. Things could be short-lived when you discover your new squeeze not only doesn’t like your homemade pulled-pork sandwiches, but doesn’t even eat meat.


A collaboration with a coworker could result in a creative partnership. Cultivate this relationship but hold onto a piece of yourself. You don’t have to share everything, and your homemade cavatelli and broccoli stir-fry lunch is strictly off limits, no matter how much this other person drools over it.


You’ll be faced with many questions as you think about upgrading your computer. Mac or PC? Desktop or laptop? Take your time making these important decisions, and give yourself some food for thought. Snacking on a plump, juicy McIntosh apple could give you the answer you’re looking for.

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Don’t let minor setbacks trip you up today. You’re only human, and slip-ups are natural. So don’t beat yourself up if you had a meatball grinder with extra cheese for lunch. Be thankful you didn’t get the large one, and that you chose a side salad instead of cheese fries.


Take time for an invigorating walk today. Stroll along at a brisk pace and breathe the crisp air deeply. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you’ll feel afterward. A cup of yogurt and slices of mango will be the perfect capper to your afternoon jaunt.


It’s amazing how you can take a lot of this and that and create a cohesive masterpiece. So invite friends to dinner tonight and really make some magic. They won’t believe your turkey croquets or chicken and veggie casserole are all the products of leftover meals.


Invite friends to watch a movie on your new super, duper big-screen TV tonight. Movie night always calls for refreshments, so prepare finger foods like little piggies in a blanket, cream cheese wontons and mini quiches. You’ll also need to serve popcorn, but use real butter — it’s the best!


The day will end on a down note as you’re once again denied a pay raise. This will put a damper on your mood. Instead of indulging in a Dungeness crab cake and oysters Rockefeller dinner at a trendy seafood restaurant, you may have to settle for tuna sandwiches and potato chips at home.


You’ll want keep to yourself today as you struggle with heavy personal issues. But that may be counterproductive — the company of friends could be just what the therapist ordered. So accept an invite to join them for Chinese food. Somewhere between the egg rolls and the steamed pork buns you may notice that you’re problems aren’t so big after all.


No matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to turn water into wine, or loaves into fishes. So you’ll have to be like mere mortals today and buy those things at the market. Salmon is fresh at this time of year. Pair that with an Australian Riesling for a dinner that will be absolutely heavenly.

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