6 Food Photography Tips for Your Online Food Store

How to become a pro at food photography, using just your smartphone

One of the rising niches in still life photography for many years now remains food photography. This is because it freezes the aesthetic culinary skill of an individual into memory. You can see how food companies freeze their products and share them on the internet for potential customers to assess what they do and patronize them.

There are numerous online food options. If you also go through them, you’ll discover excellent photography skills in their making. This includes the sensitivity to structures shaped colors, lightning, and many other things. If you want to take shots at your products as an owner of online food stores, you can consider:

  1. Shooting Under Natural Light: 

Shooting under natural light performs better on camera than when you short under artificial light. This is because the natural light illuminates your food without creating any odd reflections on your food. 

Color is very important in food photography as the elements of the background and plates must appear perfectly. Thus, using natural light will preserve its colors.

  1. Use a Neutral Background for Your Photos: 

Avoiding messy backgrounds helps you keep the viewer’s attention on the food. A neutral background places emphasis on the scene you’ve created for the food. You can try using light backgrounds, wooden backgrounds like chopping tables, or any or light-colored and brown backgrounds, or black backgrounds.

  1. Color: 

Don’t forget that in photography, color is important. Let your composition be precise such that nothing affects the performance of your image. You can evoke any feeling with it when you have a harmonious composition with the color. You can try using contrasting colors to achieve a dynamic and vibrant feeling.

  1. Choose the Best Angle: 

The angle from which you shot the picture is important. You must include the core details of the food from the angle you chose. You should consider a balanced and strong composition where you can equally arrange the elements of the surface you placed your food. You can even capture the food from different perspectives. What’s best is that you do it well.

  1. Arrange Your Food: 

By this, you’re giving the food breathing space by positioning the food well. If you take the shot of bread crumbs scattered messily across the plate, it will not evoke any unique message or create interest amongst the viewers. This is why you must balance what appears and clear the surface from which you took the shots.

  1. Keep it Simple: 

While you must decorate your scenes and enhance your composition, you must not take away the natural feeling the food could evoke through the designs you do. The best way to do this is to create a minimalist approach towards it. 

By this, you’re using the subject which has been perfectly framed without busy plates or busy surfaces. You can even avoid bright or colored plates, cups, and dishes just to have the attention of the audience on the food, not the paraphernalia.

Through these 6 tips, you can create better food pictures to complement your posts about your food business. In addition to this, you get to provide a better overview of your menu to your visitors. Evoking that interest in your products even without seeing them live would be one of your selling points.