A new food truck is serving up tasty Thai in Great Falls

GREAT FALLS — In Great Falls, a new food truck called N Thai is taking the Farmers Market by storm.

Owners Emm and Nida are amazed at the size of the crowd that their truck has attracted. “We never really thought much of it but people like it, they keep coming back. Last week was our first time here and we sold out,” said Emm.

Unlike many food truck and restaurant owners, these two never had any plans of starting up a food truck, let alone selling their food – that was, until their family and friends convinced them that Nida’s cooking was too good to keep to themselves.

“Some of our friends and stuff would ask us to cook for them. We just started cooking for close groups of friends and family and a lot of people said, ‘Hey, could you open the restaurant,’ said Emm. “America is a land of opportunity,” said Emm. “So when we found the opportunity, there is no Thai food here in Great Falls, we took it. A lot of people find a reason, ‘Why can’t I do this,’ and I just asked, ‘How can I do this?’”

And with that mindset, Emm and his wife Nida made it happen.

Emm took charge of building the truck and Nida took it from there. Now the two cater events, set up at the Farmers Market, and do weekly deliveries.

Emm is still in the Air Force at Malmstrom Air Force Base, and Nida has the two children to take care of, so the truck is only a part time gig for the two but it has allowed them to both get involved with something they love.

They also do weekly orders that people can pick up outside the visitor center at Malmstrom; click here to visit their Facebook page.