Top 10 Stylist-Approved Hair Care Tips for Every Hair Type

Some say that the eyes are the windows to one’s heart, so does that make the hair the curtains? Hair has an essential function. It frames our face, improving our appearance, and it is a way where one can express their personality or personal style. People spend lots of money at hair salons or purchase products to change their appearance. Hair dyes, accessories, shampoos, and conditioners are a few hair products that consumers purchase regularly. Companies are constantly improving the quality of products on the market and the variety thereof. Once one has updated that gorgeous hairstyle, head to a website like a gentle herd and find the perfect outfit to show off the new look; remember that before purchasing any Hair Care Products, research the products available to ensure the product purchased is the right one for you!

Hair structure and hair texture 

People have many different hair types, hair colors, hair lengths, and styles. There are four main hair types: straight, curly, tightly curled (known as coily), and wavy. These hair types are referred to as someone’s hair texture and refer to the natural shape or pattern one’s hair makes. In addition to that, many people’s hair structure varies. Hair structure refers to the thickness of the strands, whereby hair can be coarse, medium, or acceptable. Furthermore, hair can be greasy and oily, soft and smooth, or dry and damaged. Once all these factors are considered, one can choose a hair product to suit one’s needs. 

My hair needs help!

Should one have a specific hair concern or issue, for example, flaky skin or dandruff? Products have been made to ‘fix’ these problems. So should one suffer from something, keep an eye out for products to help. For example, those who suffer from dandruff can purchase shampoos or lotions for the scalp to help people who suffer from this. In the same way, some people have curly hair which knots easily, then anti-frizz shampoo or detangling spray will be this person’s best friend as this product will aid this specific frizzy hair ‘issue.’ Should one suffer from dry hair, one can purchase various oils and serums to replace the minerals in the scalp from shops and pharmacies. Businesses are constantly inventing new shampoos, serums, and sprays to help people with all hair concerns. 

Hair goals

Knowing what hair type one has and identifying what one wants to achieve is imperative. For example, is the goal to have smooth hair or replace the lost minerals? Do you need a product to promote hair growth? Do you want to use a product to remove frizz or, perhaps the opposite, add volume? Based on that, one can find a product to suit their personal needs. Reading labels of products is essential to ensure that one is not buying a product with lots of added chemicals and toxins. Keep in mind that shop assistants are available for inquiries and can also find reviews online. So purchase the right product today and show your hair some care!

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