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PWA offers the executive defense courses you ought to succeed in any position in the safety and defense industries.PWA was established in 2012 to teach people the fundamentals of personal protection and private defense missions. According to PWA’s parent company Advanced Security Technologies, most applicants were looking to penetrate the intelligence sector. Whether or not they were in the armed forces, they possessed the core abilities needed to be a system administrator. It would be sufficient for PWA to teach prospective protection employees; additionally, it was its moral duty to support any employment of its own through the training program.

The Pacific West Academy offers many levels of protection training. Pacific West Foundation’s graduation has been advantageous for many of its clients. You can learn anything you require to understand Pacific West Institute if you want to become a parent. The knowledgeable staff at Pacific West Academy consists of former police departments, military, and protection personnel who have combined their years of expertise and education from diverse security-related fields and places to develop the most advanced technical instruction initiatives.

Syllabus for a 104-hour program that would offer the information. Credentials necessary to launch a good future as a security officer were founded on ASC’s years of expertise in the protection industry. With the initiative’s achievement, it was time to revise the goal declaration of PWA. Future security officers also needed to be trained, and PWA had a moral obligation to help position everyone who completed its training program. All PWA program participants were required to obtain meaningful employment, and sustaining a level of training above the accepted standard became the objective.

PWA creates the groundwork for the transfer from the battlefield to the educational area as a veteran-run business. The atmosphere at PWA helps soldiers ready for academic success by easing the adjustment from the military’s black-and-white reality to the complete range of colors in the outside universe. Learners get a greater grasp of what is required to excel intellectually after completing programs at PWA, enabling them to transfer to higher education schools or start jobs as security officers.

How can I become a bodyguard?

Pacific West Academy is linked to cutting-edge security ideas. Pacific West Academy and the ASC firm are collaborating on-field activities for protection. Los Angeles and San Diego are two locations where executive protection training is implemented. This education will elevate different individuals’ careers in the protection industry.

Everyday life is uncertain in the period we all exist. Imagine participating in protection training if you’re fascinated by individuals. Bodyguards are highly equipped to protect their customers from threats, including bodily assault, kidnapping, assault, harassment, and extortion. Clients are those who have suffered abuse or intimidation, or in specific officials, the wealthy, and celebrities.

You will require further education than just self-defense instruction to work as a bodyguard. A bodyguard must be in good physical and mental health. You will require sophisticated bodyguard instruction, such as that provided by an organization like Pacific West Academy.

Bodyguard instruction is provided at various stages by Pacific West Academy. Their education courses have received official approval. Numerous of their consumers have benefited from the graduates of Pacific West Academy.


For students to have the chance to gain fully effective skills for security purposes and executive security carriers, Pacific West Academy offers a variety of training programs in executive protection. Pacific West Academy is the greatest alternative for you to develop your career abilities and increase your chances of finding an immediate profession. Learners at Pacific West Academy take a variety of programs, including:

  • Comprehensive Security Training (CST) 
  • Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) 
  • Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS)

Comprehensive Security Training (CST) 

The Comprehensive Security (CST) curriculum is a 12-day (104-hour) program provided by Pacific West Academy centers. A 12-day basic program in the real implementation of protection is known as Comprehensive Security Training. Learners will master the fundamentals of combat techniques such as Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Boxing, as well as extra reversal exercises in this program. Through lectures and hands-on activities, learners follow a step-by-step approach to get a comfortable awareness of every subject. CST candidates can find employment as bodyguards, festival security staff, and many other positions.

Comprehensive security education is linked to current Workforce Innovation and the WIOA. They want to provide their kids with superior skills. Learners gain the necessary qualifications to secure the best and most fulfilling career. On the other hand, the proprietors of various businesses receive a skilled security guard who possesses all the traits and abilities of a defender.

The bodyguard training course is the most advanced one included in a comprehensive security training program; more information on the other programs is provided below:

Bodyguard Certification from the CA BSIS

Students are provided and given access to this bodyguard education to give the protection industry a try. To start, everyone who wants to work in security wants to finish the security guard training program. This program has certification from and affiliation with BSIS, the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services abbreviation. Students who successfully finish their degree can obtain a bodyguard training license as a security guard, allowing them to work in the security industry.

Baton License from CA BSIS:

You will benefit greatly from this class if you want to hold a baton yourself. Proficient instructors at Pacific West Academy are prepared to provide thorough instruction and training using a baton. These pupils practice using the baton from the beginning to the conclusion to acquire experience. You must always have this authorization on you to carry a baton; if you do not, you are not permitted to do so. Agencies from the ASC and BSIS have awarded this license.

Certified Protection Specialist (CPS)

Executive security professional education for the Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) lasts 27 days (232 hours). The instruction includes the following:

  • Education in basic defense
  • Methods for monitoring and counter-surveillance
  • Sophisticated guns employment
  • Management of the automobile during maneuvers and methods at high speeds
  • The study of human behavior includes examining violence, how to react, and much more.

With education and accreditation in several high-end security and protection programs, the CPS program is suitable for people who want to enter the executive security profession and still have all their basic protection licenses.

Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS)

The Certified Government Security Specialist (CESS) exam lasts 39 days (348 hours). The main program of Pacific West Academy, CESS, has been authorized for post-9/11 VA benefits. Individuals who want to work in personal protection should enroll in the CESS program. Participation in high-end security roles such as Executive Security, Household Safeguards, Executive Transportation, Advanced Monitoring Defensive measures, etc., is the focus of the education. The instruction includes the following:

  • Basics of executive security
  • superior executive safeguards
  • advanced guns usage
  • Control of the car during maneuvers and methods at high speeds
  • Behavior analysis studies human violence and how to react to it.
  • Methods of hand-to-hand fighting
  • Taser usage
  • avoiding sexual assault
  • chemicals agents 
  • and more

Why pursue a profession in executive security?

In addition to working with upper-class individuals, being an executive bodyguard earns nicely. You must be conscious of any threats to the powerful person you are assigned to protect as a bodyguard officer. It would help if you cared about their protection. You will receive thorough instruction from Pacific West Academy on recognizing these hazards and best safeguarding your important player.

For the Executive Security program, who is ideal?

The executive protection program at Pacific West Academy is appropriate for everyone concerned in the personal protection industry.

Members of the armed forces are invited to develop their talents. Since the trainers are also ex-military, the techniques will be simple and thorough.

Equipment of High Quality:

Learners that attend Pacific West Academy for bodyguard education appreciate the school’s first-rate amenities. They have designated classrooms where the instruction occurs, in addition to firing ranges and authorized instruments that aid in the instruction.

Effective Teachers

Highly certified teachers will lead the course from Pacific West Academy. The instructors are amiable and enthusiastic about giving their students the best training possible for working as bodyguards.

Institute for Licensed Bodyguards

They hold every license required to conduct bodyguard instruction at a bodyguard institution. To begin, ACCET commissions them (Accrediting Council for continued Education and Training). Cal Jobs and BPPE provide funding for CSAAVE (California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education) (The CA Bureau for personal Postsecondary Education). The programs presented provide top bodyguard education.

Affordable Prices

You can decide how much the bodyguard education will cost at Pacific West Academy. Customers can select from a wide range of options based on their cost. Therefore, you should not worry about the cost of this instruction. The Pacific West Academy is prepared to provide you with services at a reasonable cost.

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