July 1 is widely recognized by Mets fans as Bobby Bonilla Day, a celebration that will continue through 2035 as the 59-year-old collects his $1,193,248.20 check from the team each time this year. 

Bonilla’s infamous deal is often considered the worst sports contract of all time, but the seemingly never ending agreement is in good company. Here’s a look at ten of the most egregious contracts to ever happen in sports.

Bobby Bonilla 

New York Mets, $1.2 million per year through 2035

Bobby Bonilla

Despite retiring from baseball in 2003 and not donning a Mets uniform since the 1999

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There are many reasons to want to eat well, but among them, one priority may be to promote your brain health. 

From reducing your risk of dementia to supporting mental health, experts say there are good reasons to limit these foods and drinks if you aren’t doing so already.

Check out these details — and the reasons for limiting these food and drink choices.

Fruit juices and other sugary beverages  

It’s time to cut back on juice and sugar-sweetened beverages.

“Many people [drink] a tall glass of fruit juice in their breakfast without realizing how badly it is affecting their

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The painting Rail (1977) greets you upon entering the exhibition. The 15-foot-wide “Black” painting features the beveled edges and layered style seen throughout Full Circle. Its rectangular shape and darkness—in stark contrast to the round, white, wooden edges of the other paintings on view—exude a sense of beginning and ending, of possibility and finality.

In the collective blackness, all of Gilliam’s colors and contexts exist. From far away, the canvas appears saturated with darkness, and the closer you get, areas of black paint are scraped down, exposing bright, dramatic splotches of yellow, red, and blue. The array of colors

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