a woman sitting at a table in a restaurant: photo of woman holding a fork with pasta, eyes closed and smiling

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photo of woman holding a fork with pasta, eyes closed and smiling

I’m a chef and a cultural anthropologist with a master’s degree focusing on the intersection of food and culture, which means I come to the topic of cooking from both a cultural perspective and from the perspective of wanting it to be delicious. I’m interested in the ways in which eating together binds us together as a community and the ways in which it can actually “heal” us.

On the flip side, I am the survivor of an eating disorder and have struggled with

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Photo credit: Miso Robotics
Photo credit: Miso Robotics

From Popular Mechanics

  • Earlier this month, the fast food chain White Castle announced it would begin using an autonomous fry cook robot, called Flippy, to reduce human contact in its restaurants.

  • The move is meant to reduce human contact with food amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Flippy will start flipping patties at a White Castle in Chicago sometime this fall.

Robots and self-driving cars have been the secret heroes of the coronavirus outbreak, and now they could soon be cooking our food, too.

In mid-July, White Castle—the oldest hamburger restaurant in the U.S.—announced that it’s partnering with

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Eating healthy is said to promote the overall well being of our body. Our body needs certain nutrients, minerals and other such components which keeps our body going. With the rise of new diseases every now and then, eating healthy and staying fit becomes necessary. Eating healthy food items strengthens our bodies and immune system to fight better with any diseases. It makes one feel happy, calm, and content like one feels to be around the live and artificial plants in their garden and nature trail. Regardless of how fit you are as you regularly choose to workout, eating healthy … Read More

alison roman
Alison Roman is leaving The New York Times. Clint Spaulding/Getty Images
  • Food writer Alison Roman confirmed via Instagram on Wednesday that she won’t be returning to her post at The New York Times.

  • The columnist and cookbook author was at the center of controversy in May when she criticized Chrissy Teigen’s and Marie Kondo’s business practices in an interview. 

  • When the columnist announced her new venture A Newsletter at the end of May, The Times confirmed to Insider that Roman was on a temporary hiatus and, at the time, planned to return. 

  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.


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Aronia Berries (Chokeberries): Nutrition, Benefits, and More

What is a Aronia berry? Aronia is the botanical name for our native red and black chokeberry shrubs that deliver four seasons of activity and are drought tolerant as soon as they are dependent in gardens.

The aronia with black berries is wintry weather hardy in zones 3-8 while the one with pink berries is hardy zones 4-eight. Both kinds will grow from cuttings taken in early summer, or from seeds stripped of their fleshy coating if planted within the fall.

They produce the most advantageous berries if planted in full sun. Prune them after they flower to hold … Read More

An economical and very delicious option, to decorate sweets and desserts, is Whipped cream. This cover has a light yet firm texture and is applied in a very practical way with spatulas or pastry nozzles, in addition to allowing the combination with different flavors and colors. 

Want to see just how it has everything to make your desserts much more attractive and tasty? Keep reading and see 6 tips to decorate them with this tasty cream. As nitrous oxide cream chargers are easily ordered online from websites such as https://nangsdelivery.com.au  you can now go for this choice as well.… Read More