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The impact of social networks especially Instagram is expanding and compelling eateries to adopt the theme and create sceneries that visually stun the users, restaurants use anodyne, immersive, innovative dishes, and stunning designs. The food and beverage industry in the UK is molding its service and products to satisfy modern users. 

Every eatery tries to portray themselves as a friendly restaurant. We all experience waiting when your favorite food arrives and nobody can eat until install-obsessed friends capture the pictures of food and the surrounding environment and share stories.

Something crazy but popular

 It sounds so stupid to decent folks, but for a lot of people taking the nicest shot of interior and food is as important as the meal itself. Restaurants unmistakably need to move with this pace and accommodate this necessity of the users, which implies that they should not just focus on food taste and quality but the interior and environment of the restaurant they offer to clients to enjoy and feel relaxed.

Restaurant designing

Cafes and restaurants can design their space using flower displays, proper installation of lights, millennial pink, smashing loos, and foliage, however, every restaurant is using different decorative strategies to inspire and motivate people to visit their restaurant. The installation of appropriate lights is essential because people don’t visit restaurants where they cannot take quality images due to the insufficiency of illumination

All this doesn’t mean that restaurants should not pay attention to food presentation, that too was and is still an important factor for Instagram pictures. The combination of marvelous visuals and tasty food will certainly beat the other restaurant options you may have.

Some good restaurant picks

London contains fabulous restaurants that deserve to appear on your Instagram story and feed, they are dosed with magazine-style, flowery and chic decors. You can visit Gold, Notting hill, 14 hills, Amazonico, Sketch, and many other places. All these restaurants allow you to enjoy a romantic date, a fun get-together and even you can enjoy alone as they consume yellow, green, and golden shades with chic snugs, garden room, and lit bar. 

Some restaurants, like Sketch, make you love the pink theme and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Restaurants like Townhall have designed separate selfie spots and supplied adequate illumination using glaring hanging lights.

Rooftop and orders suggestions

Restaurants design their rooftop using plants, velvet couches, rattan lampshades, and booth seating in a curved shape, this is the description of the rooftop of the restaurant called Maya. You can order Sea Bass ceviche and take pictures for Instagram of the guacamole cart. 

However, if you like to have your meal in a natural setting then visit NoMad because that is blasted with natural light and that is a good point for Instagrammers. It utilizes a glass roof, fluted pendant illumination, green velvet, and marble tables that enhance the background and are fabulous for clicking pictures. You can try their impersonated plateau (seafood platter).


Instagram is compelling restaurants to design their space that looks good and appealing in pictures, of course, people still value the food taste also.