How to Open a Successful Liquor Store in 2021 (+Cost) - 2ndKitchen

Food and drink are an ageless and timeless interest. No matter where you live, what age group you are, or what kind of person you are, one thing’s for sure is that you like to eat and drink at different restaurants. Probably this is why food and beverage companies never go out of business.

Liquor selling, thus, can be an interesting and highly rewarding business. A lot of online stores are operating to sell liquor these days. But there are a few documents that need to be acquired before you start a business selling liquor. Here is a list of all the licenses that you need.

Alcohol dealer’s registration

Alcohol dealer’s registration, also called ADR, is a kind of paperwork. That proves to the authorities and consumers that you are a legal seller of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol can not be bought or consumed by children under a certain age. This age limit is different in various countries, but it is an important lawful protection for the liquor business. This license puts the business on the map with the Tax and Trade Bureau, as well.

Restaurant license

Business owners who want to sell liquor in their restaurant premises will require a restaurant license. It is also called “all liquor license”. This type of permit is only granted to those restaurants whose business primarily depends upon the production of food items. And alcohol sales contribute only a few percent of their total sales.

For restaurant owners who want to sell only beer and wine to their consumers require a different kind of license. It is known as a beer and wine license. Restaurants possessing this license are not allowed to sell liquor or distilled drinks.

A retailer permit

It is a document that will allow you to administer your business in the region that your business operates. In simpler terms, it is a permission document from the authorities allowing you to conduct your business. If you wish to transfer your business from one place to another you will have to seek a retailer permit from the local government of the new place, as well.

Tavern License

Restaurant owners who desire to sell liquor and their half business earnings come from this and the other half from selling food products are required to possess a Tavern license. This license is needed in only a few states. In some states, only a restaurant license is enough. Business owners in such states are not required to apply for a separate license.

Shipping licenses

A shipping document is proof that shows the government has approved your business of sending alcohol to the customers. If you are going to provide shipping services in the same state as your business, you will only need one shipping license. But, if you plan to expand your business nationwide, you might need more than one of these. Every state has its shipping license.


With the proper legal and business documentation, enlisted above, you can conveniently set up a business anywhere. But bear in mind that every country and state has different laws. So make sure that you do proper research before you venture into a new trade.