TikToker shares easy hack for cooking hard- and soft-boiled eggs

TikToker Andrew Garza (@themacrokitchen) shared the best way to cook hard- and soft-boiled eggs, and it’s so easy!

Garza is the owner and chef at the meal prep company The Macro Kitchen. In addition to selling protein-packed prepared meals, Garza shares useful meal prep tips and cooking hacks on TikTok. In one nifty video, he shared an easy way to make sure your eggs are always boiled to your desired doneness, and it couldn’t be simpler.

The video begins with a shot of the TikToker standing in his kitchen holding an egg. A caption reads, “This is how you cook hard and soft boiled eggs.”

“Whether you like your eggs hard boiled or soft boiled, this is how you do it,” Garza explains, holding an egg up to the camera.

Simply start by adding your egg to a pot of boiling water. Gently submerge the egg using a slotted spoon. Let the egg cook. Then transfer it to a bowl of cold water. Let the egg cool down, and then dry it with a paper towel. 

Once dry, peel the egg by rubbing the shell until it begins to fall off. 

In order to cook your egg to your desired doneness, Garza explains that all you need to do is cook it for different amounts of time. “This is after the egg has been cooking for five minutes,” he explains, before slicing the egg in half to reveal its perfectly soft-boiled interior.

Garza goes on to show what the egg looks like after being cooked for different amounts of time. He slices into an egg that has been cooked for six minutes to show that, while it is still soft boiled, the yolk has solidified slightly. 

At seven minutes, the yolk is a little bit more solid, though still runny. Then, at eight minutes, the egg begins to solidify even more. For the firmest yolk, Garza recommends cooking your egg for no more than 12 minutes. “You don’t need to go past 12 minutes,” he explains, concluding, “And that is how you cook hard- and soft-boiled eggs.”

“Thanks for breaking this down”

TikTokers jumped into the comments section to applaud the cooking tip and share their own egg cooking preferences.

“I’m a 6 to 7 minute person. Thanks for breaking this down so easily to understand,” commented one TikToker. 

“6 minutes for liquid gold!” another viewer wrote.

“Okay, this is the most helpful thing I have seen on TikTok in a while! Visual learner here! Thanks!” wrote another TikToker.

Garza’s video shows that when it comes to cooking hard- and soft-boiled eggs, sometimes the simplest technique is the most effective.

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