Nickel Allergy: Is the Metal Giving Your Child a Rash?


For children who has Nickel allergy food, anything from jeans with metal buttons to handheld electronic devices can give them an itchy red rash. Called nickel allergy contact dermatitis, nickel allergy is estimated to affect 1.1 million children in the United States.

A nickel allergy is not life threatening, but it can be so bothersome as to interfere with a child’s sleep and cause him to miss school. Sometimes an allergic reaction to nickel is mistaken for an infection, especially if it is near open skin, such as in a pierced ear. Allergy has also been linked to … Read More

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Photo credit: Matt Hollyoak

Photo credit: Matt Hollyoak

Nigella Lawson still knows best.

The beloved British cookbook author has graced our bookshelves and television screens for more than two decades now, and her charmingly aloof yet unpretentious approach to cooking, food, and life has never resonated with home cooks more. Lawson—much like the rest of the world—couldn’t have predicted a global pandemic would upend restaurant culture and send us back to our kitchens for the bulk of a year. But the fact that her latest literary offering, Cook, Eat, Repeat, is filled with recipes that could easily be adapted through this unprecedented

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