The soft milky white bun, a thick and salacious beef patty. Combined with the crunch of lettuce, and the creamy texture of perfectly melted, mouth-watering cheese. A hefty dose of sauces, your favourites of course. And the added sweetness of pickles, if you’re that kind of person.

There is just something so satisfying about a cheeseburger. So, satisfying in fact that no other meal can replicate it. But the real question is why? Why can’t we can enough of a delicious meat patty, cheese and two buns? Why has the world fallen in love with the simple joy of a cheeseburger?

The cheeseburger, and its cousin the hamburger, both have cloudy origin stories. Many have claimed the beloved creation as their own. However, the only thing we are certain of, is that we have the United States to thank. The USA popularized cheeseburgers during the late 1920’s to mid 1930’s and we honestly haven’t been the same since.

Cheeseburgers are a reminder of the familiar. Of family days in the park and BBQ’s with friends. There is the distinctive char of the grill, that lingers behind on a perfectly browned patty. Every taste triggers a childhood memory of happiness. Memories that place themselves alongside definite memories of perfectly sweet and nutty cheese dripping down a burger. With the archetypal sound of a disagreement over pickles in the background.

The feeling of enjoyment we derive from eating cheeseburgers is psychological. Familiar foods and surroundings make us feel comfortable and cheeseburgers are no exception. Studies have found that the stronger your memory to a food, the more likely you are to eat it again. Making it no surprise that many of us continue to eat our favourite childhood foods into adulthood.

Food is a powerful motivator. Not only does it serve a biological need, but it also serves as emotional support and a cultural symbol. The humble cheeseburger can take care of nearly any craving and provide comfort when needed.

Cheeseburgers have been teamed as one of the most popular ‘comfort foods’ for years.

No, you’re not being delusional, munching down your favourite cheeseburger can make you happier. Packed with carbohydrates and calories, a burger can up your psychological and emotional state.

It isn’t surprising that most of us choose to stay loyal to a classic cheeseburger. The delicious, customisable and convenient dish forever holds a place in our hearts. At this point you can’t convince us that cheeseburgers aren’t the best dish ever created. Our love for cheeseburgers is psychological, it’s tangible and all wrapped up between two buns.

So, why you ask does the world love cheeseburgers? It’s quite simple. The right cheeseburger is a reminder of our youth. It’s nostalgic in the best possible way. A dish that is firmly wedged into our hearts and minds. A cheeseburger makes us feel good, in an uncomplicated and comforting way. And in the end, what more could you ask for.