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While I’ve always been a foodie, becoming a better at-home chef has been on the top of my to-do list for many years. Once the U.S. started shutting down in March, I decided it was the perfect time to get to work in the kitchen since I’d be spending more time at home.

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David McClister

About Biscuits & Jam:  In the South, talking about food is personal. It’s a way of sharing your history, your family, your culture, and yourself. Each week Sid Evans, Editor in Chief of Southern Living, will sit down with celebrity musicians to hear stories of how they grew up, what inspired them, and how they’ve been shaped by Southern culture. Sid will take us back to some of their most cherished memories and traditions, the family meals they still think about, and their favorite places to eat on the road.

Episode 9: July 28, 2020

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Photo credit: Miso Robotics
Photo credit: Miso Robotics

From Popular Mechanics

  • Earlier this month, the fast food chain White Castle announced it would begin using an autonomous fry cook robot, called Flippy, to reduce human contact in its restaurants.

  • The move is meant to reduce human contact with food amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Flippy will start flipping patties at a White Castle in Chicago sometime this fall.

Robots and self-driving cars have been the secret heroes of the coronavirus outbreak, and now they could soon be cooking our food, too.

In mid-July, White Castle—the oldest hamburger restaurant in the U.S.—announced that it’s partnering with

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Photo credit: Khadija Horton
Photo credit: Khadija Horton

From Cosmopolitan

Growing up, watching cooking shows always felt so comforting to me. My Queen Ina Garten would shine down on me every afternoon from her Hamptons home, while Giada De Laurentiis would bring her Italian staples right to my living room. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the representation in the food world isn’t even close to what it should be. And while I still bow down to Ina and Giada, they’re not representative of the culinary world as a whole.

These Black food bloggers, recipe developers, and content creators are sharing

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Committee For Missing Children

The charity urges folks to live consciously and to assume inexperienced, as well as donate their money and time to cease local weather change, animal extinction, and different environmental hazards. Their credo is that if all of us do our half, we’ll create a constructive influence for our kids and our future.

For Charities

The two are no longer concerned with the charity, but within the first 12 months underneath new administration (the latest reported data), the charity spent less than 10% of its donations on direct aid, and practically 9 times that on fundraisers. Other … Read More

“King’s breakfast, prince’s lunch and poor man’s dinner. “Do you know this proverb? Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, waking your body after a long night’s sleep and giving it all the energy it needs to get the day off to a good start.

This first meal should provide between 25 and 30% of the total calories of the day.

It is often repeated, and yet one person in five still skips breakfast. But beware, the classic breakfast is not always the best, especially for sportsmen and women…

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