Fast forward several decades and I have encountered John Phillips yet again, and again have benefited from his writing, which this time has very little to do with vehicles — and when it does, those vehicles tend to be 4-wheel-drive trucks.

You see, Phillips and his wife, Julie, decided to retire from a life orbiting largely within the Detroit automotive corridor to retire to a barely reachable residence clinging to a mountainside in the remote Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, or as Phillips puts in the title of his book about the move, Four Miles West of Nowhere: A City

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What are the essential parts of a multichannel marketing plan template?

Multichannel marketing, or omnichannel marketing, is the process of utilizing online and offline marketing communications channels to target and engage with your customers.

As outlined in our popular Learning Path module, structure a plan using the RACE Planning framework, the purpose of a multichannel marketing strategy is to empower marketers and managers to plan, manage and optimize the resources needed to achieve business sales targets. The timeframe is typically annual but potentially longer-term, such as 18 months to three years.

Examples of communications channels could include, for example:

  • Websites
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