There are many ways to tackle employee onboarding, but one of the most important steps is to learn as much about each new employee as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by taking their resume and diving into their career history.

Your new employee is just that – new! Of course, they’ll be going through a lot of onboarding and training sessions as you seek to absorb them. 

But you don’t want it to look the same for everyone. You want to tailor your onboarding experience to them so you can maximize your investment in resources

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The mayor of Dallas is bored.

He has to be.

We believe Dallas mayor Eric Johnson is a nice man and has the city’s best interest at heart.

For some reason, Johnson is obsessed with adding a professional sports team to the city of Dallas.

On Tuesday, the mayor announced a new five-member Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Sports Recruitment and Retention. Johnson is going to run it. In a memo to elected officials, he noted several sports teams bear the city’s name but are based elsewhere in North Texas.

This all started when the mayor answered a CBS Sports

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